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As you’re reading this, I’m actually on holiday- It’s the last week before I return to school, and I’m at a resort which has Australia’s longest pool. It’s in Port Stephens, which is about a three hour drive away from where I live.

Anyway, I was a bit stuck for blog post ideas, but then I realised I haven’t yet shared my July favourites with you, so that’s what today’s post will be about!




First I have my Overall dress from Princess Highway, which I actually only got a couple of days ago!

I was out shopping with friends when I saw it. I couldn’t afford it at the time though, so when my grandma came to get me, she bought it for me. I absolutely adore it and can see myself wearing it with a nice pair of boots or espadrilles xx


a book review-41


Next, the three pieces I bought from Camp Cove Swim- two separates and a one piece. I haven’t had new swimmers in a while, so I wanted to invest in some really nice pieces that I could wear often and for times to come. Perfect for my holiday too!


a book review-46


a book review-44


a book review-43


Aren’t these rattan circle bags just darling? Before getting mine, I was seeing them everywhere, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. My style is very minimalistic and earthy with some occasional bright pieces and some florals, so I knew that this would be a bag I could pair with a lot of outfits.


a book review-45


Last, my favourite Lush facemark, the birth of Venus, made with soothing lavender, chamomile and toning seawater.

I have very good skin overall, but my health hasn’t exactly been in tip top shape off late, so that caused a few minor breakouts. Ugh!

But through all that, I was able to come out looking my usual self, and all thanks to this face mask. Absolute gold, I tell you.


a book review-42


in this next section of the post, I’m just sharing with you a few random favourites from this month xx

Here’s a bonus one: My favourite book is ‘The dust has grown flowers’ by Fiphie.

It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever read (and seen!) but I won’t tell you anymore, or there will be nothing left to reveal in my post about it!


a book review-47


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28 thoughts on “july favourites

  1. ooh i love your rattan circular bag! i have been wanting one for quite some time now! your youtube channel is gorgeous and i am planning on starting one but i feel like i don’t have the confidence to do that. anyway, another lovely post x x


  2. I’ve always wanted to get an overall dress & the bag that looks like a picnic basket sooo badly, I really loved this post!! I would really appreciate if you checked out my blog I recently started, it would mean the world!!


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