a day trip to surry hills








On Thursday morning, my mum, brother and I got ready to head to Surry Hills for the day.

About a year back, my parents and I had gone to this lovely little cafe called Kurtosh, and I really wanted to go again, so we decided to head to Surry hills and then maybe continue on to the city and Bondi, where we have Australia’s most famous and busy beach!

After I had had breakfast, and my mum had worked a little, we got dressed and set off. Unfortunately, we got a little lost, and then needed to head back home for a phone charger, and then to a service station for petrol!

By the time we got to Surry hills, we decided we’d just spend a couple of hours there as we were all pretty tired just from the effort of getting there.

I was blogging that day so I got out of the car, and we went over to a pretty area with a restaurant and lots of trees. I was filming my introduction when this weird drunk guy started laughing uncontrollably at me, ruining my video and attracting a lot of attention to us both!

I decided to scrap that part of the video, and instead take some artsy shots of the street. Being Surry Hills, an inner city area, there are lots of really nice old houses, many painted in bright colours. There’s also quite a few murals. You can also find lots of record stores and high fashion boutiques.

We kept walking until we got to the cafe, Kurtosh. It had fancy tiling inside and outside of the shop as well as rose gold lighting. It serves mainly gourmet desserts and drinks, but also some savoury pastries.

None of us had eaten yet, so we started with a small pastry each. My brother and I got spinach and ricotta while my mum got herself mushroom and caramelised onion. They were fluffy, buttery and delicious!

Afterwards, we ordered iced chocolates and a chai latte, as well as a dessert of our choice. My brother got a cinnamon sugar swirl, made fresh. I got a slice of strawberry sponge cake, and my mum got a slice of orange and olive oil cake. She said she didn’t really like it, but I tried a little and it was quite nice. We all basically shared our desserts.

I took a cute polaroid and filmed a couple of videos after we ate, and then we chatted a bit about what we’d do next. We ended up walking back to the car as it had a big park across from it. it was a nice sunny day, and there were lots of people around. Some were having picnics, others were meditating. My brother played on the equipment for a while, and I took more pictures, and a couple of sneaky selfies.

Then, a bit later on, while my mum and brother stayed at the park, I went to check out some of the stores. There was a fancy florist that had the most beautiful flowers- I had to stop myself from buying a bunch!

Next to the florist was a shop called Chilli Coral that sold really cute trinkets and homewares. I had $50 dollars to spend, so I had a little look around to see if I liked anything. Many of the pieces of jewellery they had looked like they should be featured in a Frankie magazine.

As I got to the back of the store, I realised they had display rooms upstairs with more things. I went up and looked in a few rooms- they were stunning!

Many had chandeliers and pastel bedding. Light streamed in from windows and there was just so much happiness around. Some of my favourite things included an aztec print rug with lots of tassels and gold, black and white embroidery. There was also lots of rainforests prints. As much as I wanted just about everything in that shop, they had pretty hefty price tags!

I ended up buying a pack of rose gold fairly lights and peach earrings with silver tassels.

I then met my mum and brother, and we headed back home soon after xx

Overall, it was a really nice day trip, but also quite tiring!


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