More than I was hoping for: the special story behind two holiday shots, and why they bring me close to tears

Hello my lovelies!

As most of you probably know, I headed up to the Central Coast last week for a short holiday before the school term began for me. My school finishes a little later than most, so this accumulates as an extra week off come half term holidays. I’ve posted a vlog showing you lots of photos and video clips from my trip, which you can check out here (:

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Anyway, I visited many places- deserts, beautiful blue seas, lush forests.. It was probably one of the most special four days of my life. I love going on holiday because I always come back with so many new experiences, and they always seem to shape me in such interesting ways.

I took many stunning photographs those couple of days, but there are two that are incredibly meaningful to me. In fact, only a small handful of people know the story behind them and have seen the photos too, so you guys are very lucky!


To provide a bit of background before we get into the story: off late, my mum has become a lot more spiritually minded. This is a lot different from religiously minded, because there’s more focus on carving out your own path and creating and defining a belief system that resonates with you.

She’d told me about a phenomenon where orbs can be seen in photography. 

By definition, orbs are spherical lights or balls of energy, which can be picked up on film or in photographs when specific frequencies are in tune. They come in varied sizes and shapes, and range from a higher to lower vibration. They are also sometimes angels that take this form when they want to be seen, but can’t make known their real form.

I don’t know about you, but that just blows my mind.. this planet is nothing short of miraculous. We are nothing short of miraculous.

We come into existence and every moment from our birth onwards makes us who we are today.


It was the second last day of our trip, and we’d driven for the last hour. Not too long before, we had stopped and climbed the beautiful golden dunes and marvelled at the meeting of the ocean and sand. In the distance, there were even more sights- green islands and landforms just bursting with life. On the climb back down I noticed more things, like the gorgeous native plants and flowers that grew despite the hot climate.

I honestly didn’t know how it could get any better, but somehow, it did. When my mum, brother and I got back into the car, we, along with my grandma, decided to drive further in until we got to the rainforest area we’d been told about. It was tiring, and very far up, but absolutely worth it. Even worth the getting a bit lost and having to stop people constantly to ask for directions!

The first part was a bit disappointing as the area looked bare and dry. The plants didn’t seem lively. I didn’t know what to expect. But a little further on, and I couldn’t help but gasp. The area I was surrounded left me without words. All I wanted to do was absorb the beauty around me. This is no exaggeration!

I felt pulled to get out and take photos and some video. Even though there was no parking spots, my grandma stopped on the side of the road for a couple of minutes. We were lucky the area didn’t have many cars coming through it.

I got out and immediately started filming.

I didn’t notice at that point, but I’d captured a red orb in my video. It was quite something, but more spectacular is what is to come.

I looked at my iPhone camera, hoping to capture a nice sunny shot. You can imagine my shock when vivid rainbows and incredible shapes started appearing instead!

I honestly have no explanation for what happened that day other than spiritual magic. This is not the result of sun, that’s for sure.

I’m on a path of intense healing after lots of trauma, so I’d be lying if I said I was used to moments of beauty.

In fact, many times I’d worried that I wouldn’t recognise good things anymore.. but this. I feel like it saved a part of me. Reminded me that there is a reason I am here, a reason I’m alive. Reminded me that I can be more, and there is a higher, more enlightened version of me just waiting to come out.


note: these photos are completed unedited. No colour enhancements, nothing. Notice how vivid the colour is, and how it’s all very shapely, especially the white rays- there’s a clearly defined square.

On the second photo, which is my favourite, I’ve done a little analysis.

It’s been said that white orbs make appearances in photos to symbolise higher connections and protection of places. This makes sense since this rainforest is close to native aboriginal land. meanwhile, red symbolises protection and care. green represents oneness with nature.





Have you ever had any experiences with orbs, or seen something you can’t explain in a photo or video? let me know! I’d love to hear about your encounters x

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