our plastic oceans + adopting an environmentalist mindset




Today’s world is wondrous, no doubt, but also in the throes of serious sickness.
It’s up to us to combat this downward spiral.

The fact is that this issue of our polluted oceans.. it isn’t foreign. We all know about it, just not in great detail.



A lot of people nowadays believe that the ocean is still in pristine condition, and from what we can see, for the most part, it is.

What we can see.

As it turns out, underwater is where all the pollution and filth collects, killing off our beautiful sea life and poisoning the environment.

There has already been significant damage done. Photographers have reported that it took them hours to get beaches clean enough to photograph, and you can forget about taking pictures of the animals!

There have been cases of whales washing up dead on shore in large numbers, their stomachs filled with plastic.

And the statistics- by 2050, it’s expected that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

The sad truth is that ocean pollution is a problem we all face. In a way, that’s a good thing- that means that we have to take action, even if it’s only to save ourselves.

Just one of the many ways in which we are affected has to do with the seafood we consume.

Humans are top of the food chain, so we eat what our food eats. You can only imagine what that means if our food is consuming plastic and various other poisons!

This has been known to make people very sick, causing cancer, diabetes, and many other health issues.



The good news is that in many ways, quite a few of us nowadays take it upon ourselves to do our part in ensuring our natural world- and ourselves- are in tip top shape for the foreseeable future.

Ocean clean ups, recycling, oil spill clean ups, using less plastic, choosing not to be a part of the fast fashion industry, and instead choosing sustainable and natural garments- there are so many ways to make a difference, big or small.

The problem we’re facing is a large one, and also a tough one, but it has a sure solution.

Our Earth is the one and only only home we have, so it only makes sense that we put it first.

If that means having to make little changes to our lifestyle, or focusing some of our attention on bigger things, then that’s what we’ll do.

Adopting an environmentalist mindset isn’t a big thing- it is possible for all of us, but it’s impact is great.

If our oceans go, so do we. There will be no existence.


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14 thoughts on “our plastic oceans + adopting an environmentalist mindset

  1. This is a really good and informative post! I remember I had to do a presentation on oceans and was disgusted by what I found out about the condition of it! We all need to be more aware and active in protecting our Earth!


  2. Love this post! It makes me so sad that it’s such a hidden topic to talk about, but everyone knows what’s going on and what we should do about it. But, I feel like a too great amount of people don’t realize how bad it is, and how badly we need to do something about it NOW! It makes me really happy that you’ve brought this subjects up and incorporated it into a blog post ❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE xxx


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