+ What I eat in a day (2)

Hello lovelies!

My last “What I eat in a day” post was a big success, so I thought I’d share with you another couple of meals. The following pictures are from last week- I chose them because they’re the most interesting, haha x

Now, let’s get into the post!



To start off my day, I decided to have a cup of green tea and some blueberries!

It’s a small breakfast, but actually bigger than what I usually eat. I’m not a big fan of breakfast, or even having meals at certain times. Some days I don’t have a proper meal until 3 pm or so. Not a very good habit, but I tend to just listen to my hunger cues.

I also used my pretty cup and small dish. I actually got the cup, a matching bowl and a cute plate the other day when I was out with my grandma. We went into bed, bath and table which is a homeware and bedding store here in Australia ❤

They had lots of sales so I picked up some cute pieces for really cheap- I think all three items added up to 30$ or so. That may seem a little expensive, but the items are all really high quality and from a good brand x



For lunch, my mum took me out to Nandos!

I usually get a wrap or paella, which is a flavoured rice with extras of your choice like vegetables/meat, but this time I decided to go for a healthier choice and get a superfood salad. My mum and I have had it a few times in the past and it’s absolutely delicious!

Note: There is chicken with this salad.. I wasn’t too happy about having to eat that, but my health has been suffering greatly of late and my parents and I are trying to find out what might be causing my issues. I recently found out I have really low iron levels which was causing these odd skin rashes. Ugh.. it’s very annoying. While I’m still eating predominantly vegetarian, there are times where I’m just not allowed to. I haven’t been putting my health first and it’s definitely coming back and making itself known, which is crappy. What I do plan to do once I completely cut out meat again is also not eat seafood anymore.



My snack for today was a lot of Halo top ice-cream!

hehe ☺️

If you haven’t tried this brand yet, I suggest you do, because it’s amazing. It’s a healthier choice as compared to other ice cream brands, but I personally like it more. I tried birthday cake ice cream, but my all time favourite flavour is sea salt caramel.

It’s also a little expensive, but you absolutely need this in your life! I promise you won’t regret it.



For dinner, I had a tandoori vegetable pie from my local pie face.

My mum and I were so excited when we found out that was one near us because their food is super delicious, and yet it’s pretty rare to find their stores. I only know of one other than our local one and it’s somewhere far in the city.

Another note.. As you probably know, my philosophy is to be as honest and transparent as possible with you guys, because I’m not a perfect human! So, I think it’d be very silly for me to hide things from you or make it seem like I’m super healthy or have got it all worked out.

So yes, I probably eat out too much. But this is what I ate today 😂


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14 thoughts on “+ What I eat in a day (2)

  1. cute post, as always. that sucks about your iron levels! it must be hard having to compromise your beliefs because of your body. i did some googling and these are some foods full of iron:
    -green vegetables, for example spinach, silverbeet and broccoli
    -lentils and beans
    -nuts and seeds
    -grains, for example whole wheat, brown rice and fortified breakfast cereals
    -dried fruit
    -mushrooms ( i love having mushrooms fried with herbs, which i can definitely reccomend!)
    love you! xx


    1. aww, Molly! thank you so much girly xx you’re very sweet and I love you more! 😘

      It is very hard, yes.. and I hadn’t actually gotten around to googling what I should be eating help my iron levels, so thank you so much!

      even better, they’re all vegetarian options. yummo!

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