bujo set up + august spread

hello hello hello lovelies!

I’ve recently started a bullet journal and wanted to share my set up and first spread with you all.

For this bullet journal, I’m taking a casual, artsy sort of approach in terms of design.

You’ll probably also notice that my spread doesn’t look the most functional- I’m actually cool with that. What I’ve got here only took a few hours and seems to do me fine 😂

It just felt unnecessary and completely daunting to be so serious with this bullet journal when realistically I’ll get the best use out of it when It’s something I understand and can properly work with!


+ My journal is from Papergang, which is a lovely stationery brand. I got mine in one of their subscription boxes!

The paper quality is great and is dotted to make journalling easier- and of course, the journal itself is super cute.

what I eat in a day x.png

+ My next picture is of some art I did to set a loose sort of theme for the journal, and then of course, a little introduction page.

I was inspired by a wonderful artist, Noor Unnahar. She made a page pretty much identical to mine. I loved it so much that I had just had to recreate it!

She’s pretty much my inspiration for everything really. An incredible writer and artist.. I want to grow up and love what I do as much as she does!

what I eat in a day x-2

+ next, I put in a simple index page so I could find my way around my journal, and also because, unlike with the key, I actually felt called to add this page in- lol!

As I said before, there’s no particular theme to my pages. I just went in with a basic picture of how I wanted the aesthetic of the spread to be and then worked from there.  I decided on some aqua, pink and green tones with hints of mauve. I used cut outs from an old Frankie magazine for extra decoration, and then added a dried flower. how gorgeous is it? xx

what I eat in a day x-3

+ I’d say that these two pages were the hardest.. I had an extra calendar lying around so I used that to cut out the numbers and dates and somehow tried to fit that on my page in an artsy manner. It definitely wouldn’t have worked if I’d wanted it to look all neat and perfect!

I like this sort of approach though because I’m way too much of a perfectionist and It felt great to just allow myself to relax and enjoy the process instead of thinking so much about how I wanted the end product to be.

Like on my other pages, I cut out pretty strips of paper from Frankie magazine- this time I added more florals/botanicals.

what I eat in a day x-4

+ no, wait.

this page was definitely the hardest!

I had no idea what to do with it. I kept scrolling through Pinterest, hoping I’d find a way to track the things I wanted in a simple way. That didn’t happen, of course, so I sort of created my own.

I also haven’t really been the best with filling these out on time..

ssh. hehe.

anyway, as you can see, I’ve tracked my water intake, hours of sleep, exercise and rated my day. I’m hoping to add in a follower and money tracker next month!

what I eat in a day x-5


do you bullet journal? got any pro tips for me? do you like my spread? let’s talk in the comment section!

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37 thoughts on “bujo set up + august spread

  1. Ooh prettyyy!! I tried to keep one , twice in 2 seperate years.. utterly failed. And the leaf you drew in the index page…I just watched a tutorial on how to paint one like an hour back…wowza😂


    1. Aww, thanks lovely! Hehe, yes, I wasn’t sure if I’d keep on bullet journaling after the first time, but I’m actually really liking it after I’ve looked at my spread and all that ☺️ seems to be working out alright, haha!

      and ooh, really?! Are you going to paint one? Monstera leaves (that name though) are my utter favourites x

      Liked by 1 person

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