mini chic look book





For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you some little outfits I put together.

Lately I bought a couple of new pieces and in these looks, I’ve paired them with my favourite pair of miss shop jeans!

They’re girlfriend style, down to the ankle, but I like to roll them up as I find they look better that way. I’ve never really been a fan of super long/tight jean styles, so no skinny jeans for me, haha!




For look number one, I wore my navy fleece throw on from Cotton On. This is one of my recent purchases and is actually a pyjama top, but it’s so versatile! I’ve worn it out a couple of times and no one was any the wiser 😉

And then I wore another new purchase, my gold and cream espadrilles from Seed in Myer. I actually have another pair of these in baby blue with silver sparkles, but they’re getting old. I wear them so much though, so I figured I was due for an upgrade.

Lastly, there’s my gold bracelet from 1929 jewellery that my nanna bought for me while we were on holiday in the central coast. It has the prettiest gem in the middle!


Look book. 1.png


How pretty is this flowery backdrop? I took my photos in a gorgeous park near my house. I’m so lucky to live close to it!


bracelet_ 1929 jewellery.png


Look two is definitely my favourite.. I got lucky with this one because I hadn’t intended to snap any blog photos, so it was pure luck that I was wearing a nice outfit and managed to get a really good shot. My mum is great at so many things, but taking photos definitely isn’t her strong point!

For this slightly dressier outfit, I wore my hair down, but curled it slightly, and I honestly think it made a world of difference to how stylish this looked!

My blouse is from Country Road, very simple, but very cute! It has a nice cut out at the top and then beading across the front, sleeves and bottom.

My boots are from Cotton On, and I’m sort of obsessed with them honestly. They were originally $40 but I got them on sale for $15! I’m pretty sure they were a size six or so.

To finish off, I’ve got my rattan circle bag that I ordered online off City Beach. Their clothes aren’t really my style so I don’t visit the website much, but I had seen so many of these bags all over instagram lately, and I loved them, so I searched online and came across this one. It wasn’t too expensive either!


look book. 2.png


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