august favourites

hello lovelies!

I’m looking at the date at the moment- Wednesday the 29th, and feeling very grateful that this month has 31 days, or this post would be appearing come the start of September.. and we can’t have that, can we? 😂

I’m actually very excited to write this post.. it’s probably the one I most enjoy writing out of all my regular sort of posts. Plus, I went shopping recently, and have a few cute new pieces to show you!


1. flowered culottes; navy

There’s only ever a few brands I like to buy my clothes from- Seed, Dangerfield, Cotton On, Seed and Princess Highway, which is where these gorgeous pants are from!

They’re actually part of a new collection too. I tend to buy more expensive clothes, just in lesser quantities because I like having pieces that are good quality and I truly love, however I don’t usually buy just released pieces as they can get so pricey!

I got these for $78 as part of my eid (religious celebration) gift money and I’m absolutely in love with them! They have such a cute print and go with a lot of my wardrobe.



2. goddess jumpsuit; princess highway

Oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on how much I love this jumpsuit.

A couple of months ago it was part of a new collection, and on first glance I was just drawn to it. Like, I was totally vibing with it- just not the price tag.

$130 was the original price, and a little too expensive to consider getting. But, when I went out the other day to do a little shopping, I found this on sale for $83 and I knew I just had to have it.

It was only in a size 8 though, which fit me in length, and mostly in body, but was too big on top. My grandma kindly offered to alter it for me though, so that’s a good thing!



3. evy hair straightener

My mum and I got this fantastic straightener a while back now, but I’ve only recently started to use it more recently. I could’ve used it more as we share it, but I never really got into straightening my hair as it’s always in fairly good shape. Lately though, I’ve actually liked using this to curl my hair!

I start off by straightening it, then curling, but sometimes I just skip to the second part and end up with better texture.


bracelet_ 1929 jewellery.png

4. gold drawer knobs; ikea

Now these are something I really needed!

Not long ago, I had a bunch of fluorescent green drawer knobs, and not only were they a bit of an eye sore, but some of them had broken, and it was getting hard to open my drawers.

So hehe, this was the product of a sneaky lil Ikea trip.. and just total heart eyes over here!





over on instagram, the lovely frankie bradford, whose blog you can find here asked if anyone would like to be a part of her latest post, people and their tunes- it sounded great to me so I submitted a playlist of some of my favourite songs. She put them all together into a nifty little image, which I of course saved to my camera roll because she is the queen of design and how could I not? do you blame me? 🤩

I’d absolutely love if you could go check out her post- it’s the latest one so all you have to do is go and click on her website link and it’ll take you there x


new blog sign off






14 thoughts on “august favourites

  1. i absolutely those culottes and will save some time to give.those songs a listen. i’ve also submitted a playlist to frankie, she’s such a sweet heart! xx


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