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A quick definition of conscious creation: this is basically changing your thoughts, beliefs, stories about yourself and your life (eg. I am not good enough, not pretty enough) to be more positive and help you to achieve your goals and create the life you want to live xx



1. conscious creation is akin to manifestation

The law of attraction states that each of us as people walk around, essentially as magnets. How we’re feeling and thinking creates a continuing momentum in our lives.

Basically, if you think positively, you’ll feel positive, and attract things that vibrate on that frequency.

We’re all made of vibrations, of energy, whether we are people, animals, or even inanimate objects. Our thoughts and feelings are also vibrations. This means that they’re just as real as the things in the physical realm.

Imagine: if there was something you really wanted, when you thought about it, it was just like announcing to the universe “hey, this is what I want!”

This is the first step, but your feelings is what actually brings that thing to you. Your thoughts are desire but your feelings are what attracts that thing to you.

For example, there might be some days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, all grumpy, and everything just seems to go from bad to worse. All you can seem to say is “This is SUCH a bad day!” and yes, of course it is now.

Other days, you wake up feeling really positive, believing nothing can go wrong and you end up having a wonderful days.

2. morning momentum

If you start the first five minutes of your day on a high vibration, that will be a complete game changer for you in terms of creating. Our brains are designed to find evidence to support the stories, belief systems and feelings that we’re looking for.

If you commit to waking up and feeling good, then your brain will find all the evidence it can to show you that you’re doing well.

This basically means that even if you were to have a day that is entirely the same as your current one, even if you consider it a bad day, you can feel good in it. Even though the exact same things would happen, you’d cope with and experience them differently.

This is both scientific and spiritual in nature.

3. the links between science and spirituality

A fact: our hearts have bigger magnetic fields than our brains. Scientists used to believe that our brains were the biggest intelligence centres in our bodies, not realising that our hearts were.

The heart sends three times as many signals to the brain rather than the brain to the heart.

The heart is, quite literally, running the show. It is where all our feelings are based. Your aim should always be to feel good in your heart.

4. avoiding self sabotage

If you desire something, you need to be able to feel it in your heart- feel what it would be like to have that thing, whatever it is. This is so important because when that thing shows up in your life, you don’t want to self sabotage or ruin it for yourself.

The reason we self sabotage is out of fear of the unknown. When something is unfamiliar to us, it stretches our feelings out of normal bounds and we places us out of our comfort zone.

Part of conscious creation and designing your dream life is matching your feelings now to how you want to feel when good things are present in your life.

You need to invite positive feelings into your life and challenge yourself to feel them until they become your new normal.

A lot of this comes down to what you believe in. If you can see something for yourself, you’ll find yourself in an empowered state of being able to create the life you want.

5. the steps to manifestation

Get clear with what you want. Be really specific. Not specific with what you want, but more so how you’d feel with that thing.

Why? When you know what your intention for this thing is, your desire knows what to do. What do you want from that thing? What do you want it to provide you and make you feel? Without a reason to come into your life, the things you want may never have a place.

Our story and limiting beliefs. What is your story? Is it contradicting the thing you want? Do they coexist and work together in order to allow you to manifest your dream? How would the future version of you who now had what she desired rewrite her story?

Taking action and meeting the universe halfway. This doesn’t have to be particularly hard- if your story is that you can get the thing you want with minimal work, then that’s how it’ll go for you. The actions you take need to align with your new belief system. Instead of taking decisions from your past or current self, take direction from your future self who already has what you desire.

Your state and surrender. If you can stay in a high vibration state, you become a high vibration magnet that attracts the things we desire. All we need to do is keep ourselves feeling good. As for surrender, put it out there to the universe that you want something, then let it go. Don’t obsess over it. What is meant for you will always happen for you at exactly the right time, and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be. You do not want to suffocate the good you are to receive by being paranoid and chasing it so much! You do not need self inflicted resistance created by the momentum of wanting, which is so different from actually having.


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5 thoughts on “bloom discussions // conscious creation

    1. hi ella!

      I’m so glad you loved the post, and thank you for pointing that out! I’ve added a quick definition in to help others out too xx

      Each call for the course is super long so my understanding by the end of the call is pretty solid, so I forgot that I might need a bit more explanation!

      basically, conscious creation is a way of changing your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself (such as “I’m fat” or “not pretty enough”) to be more positive and help you to move in a direction that allows you to create your dream life (:

      our minds are very powerful and it’s super cool that in small ways we can completely shift our lives to be more fulfilling!

      let me know if this helps (:

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