september bujo spread

hello hello hello lovelies!

kicking off saturday morning with another bujo post, and I hope you’re excited. I think I’m improving a lot! And yes.. I don’t usually post on saturdays, but I got a tad thrown off when I had to post my chocolate day collaboration post (check that out now if you haven’t already!) with Maria as it was a specific day for that ah, chocolate day and it would be weird to post it on a day that wasn’t that day cause logic. okay, whatever.


1. september intro spread

so, this is my september introduction spread.

As you can see, I’ve gone for a more colourful design here combined with some watercolour paintings that I did a while back. I occasionally just sit down and paint random things, sometimes flowers, like below, but mostly just cards of watercolour which I can cut and shape as I please! I find watercolour to be very beautiful, but you most definitely need the proper paper for it to work out.

I’ve used calligraphy writing as usual and stick in a little card that says ‘I love myself, I believe in myself, I am bold, I matter, I have a voice and I am beautiful.’

I got this, as well as some of the other pieces in this month’s spread from an art book I purchased a while back- the dust has grown flowers. highly recommend!


food collab x.png

2. calendar/free spread

this second spread is even more artsy.

I have the flow book for paper lovers which comes with monthly rip out calendar pages- I decided to cut out the one for september and put it into my bullet journal instead!

It saved me a lot of time and I think it looks really cute. I also cut out some little.. house sort of things? they really give me a travel vibe which is also where I’m going with a theme this month. There’s a cutout of a girl which has a map print all over it, which was from the first book I mentioned. the little plant and paint sample were simple additions that I think really made these pages look put together and well thought out!


food collab x-2.png

3. art bookmark/ free page + monthly trackers

and this is a little exciting!

this month I decided I wanted to make my monthly tracker spread look a little different, so I used a more traditional, easier to work with grid method of tracking. and I sort of struggled.

my mum had to draw the grids for me because I feel like the measuring component is too much of a math thing and like yes, I can measure, but I’m also a perfectionist and just HALP.

so yes, thanks mummy 😂

ooo, yes, what else?

the coloured paper. I’m so in love with it, especially how the colours are named. It makes it really unique. Have any of you ever purchased the flow book for paper lovers before?

again, the bookmark and green card with the faces are extras from the dust has grown flowers- a must read!


food collab x-3.png

food collab x-4.png

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25 thoughts on “september bujo spread

    1. aww, hehe! thanks so much Ella! You’re very sweet x It’s super fun experimenting with new styles and your bujo guide has really helped (as I’ve already said haha but honestly) me to find new spreads and change my layout to be more functional ☺️


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