calling in new pen-pals!

hello lovelies!

Todays’ post is simple- A while back I posted on here about wanting to start pen-palling and asked if anyone was interested!

Well, I got a few replies, but some people realised they were too busy, which I do get, but I think it’s good to make time for things that are a little different!

Overall, having a pen-pal is just such an enjoyable experience. There is no better feeling than finding a letter in your mail box or at your doorstep, especially if you don’t have any other means of communication with that person!

Writing letters for me means talking about proper meaningful things too, because I know I only have so much space to write and so I only want to share certain things, and not just anything and everything like I might do over text!

Also, I find that letter writing gives you a good look into the other person’s style- it’s super fun receiving cute, decorated letters and reading other people’s writing language, which I do think is a thing. Like, there’s text language, then written language, and it always varies!

Can you relate? 😂

So, calling in new pen-pals- I’m looking for about three people or so xx


anyway, if you’re interested, leave a comment down below and we can go from there! xx

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30 thoughts on “calling in new pen-pals!

  1. I would love to but I For privacy reasons I think it’s safer to not. But I love emailing online friends – and maybe I could share some collage pictures and hand-written notes via photo? Because I do love chatting with you! Plus we live on opposite sides of the world… 😂
    Sorry about that Maryam.


  2. i’d love to to pen-pal, but i could only do it digitally. i live very far away from canada, so the shipping would be crazy expensive. i hope that isn’t an issue! xx

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  3. Oh my goodness! I WAS JUST WATCHING A BUNCH OF PENPAL VIDEOS AND WANTING A PENPAL! <33 I would love to be your penpal! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I hope we can be penpals, you are a truly sweet person that I would love to talk to!


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