september favourites

hey lovelies!

welcome back to another favourites post- September’s.

and hasn’t this month just flown?

I was going to schedule this post for next week, but.. that’d be going into October.

And we can’t have that, can we?!

enjoy xx


my first favourite item is this gorgeous mustard coloured satin slip dress. I got it from cotton on- my latest obsession. They have so many gorgeous, reasonably priced clothes!

I’ve been wanting a dress like this for a while now but only just found the perfect one. I love how this is bold and makes a statement but still looks great!

Now, all that’s left to do is to buy a cute pair of heels to wear with this ☺️


food collab x


next are statement earrings and hair scarves/scrunchies!

It’s fair to say that this newest trend has my heart. I’m having so much fun adding interest and cute details to my outfits. I’m loving all the different textures the scrunchies and scarves have, and the earrings are totally extra!

tassels and gems for days! my all time favourite earrings have to be the gold pair with the face though, just because I love how abstract they are.


groovy hoops.


and here are some random favourites from the month xx

do you like this set up? let me know in the comments 🙂


food collab x-2.png


ooh, here’s an extra- I’ve also been loving pen palling!

I’m getting back into it because a lot of my old pen pals got busy, so I had to find new ones. I wrote my first letter to my new pen pal susy yesterday, and I plan to get it sent by tomorrow! <33




what have you been enjoying lately? was september a good month for you or are you eagerly awaiting the start of october?


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23 thoughts on “september favourites

  1. Your photo editing is just always on point! I absolutely love it ❤ And omg YES, I literally have no idea about where the heck September went. Like it's actually crazy. It sounds like you've had a lovely month though ❤ I hope you'll have a wonderful week xx


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