self care: how I keep my own cup full!

Hello lovelies! ☺️

happy Friday, and I hope the weekend treats you well!

before we get into today’s post, there’s a few things I want to cover: my holidays have officially begun, and my family and I are taking a trip to Kiama, a lovely beach town, next week. My posts on Wednesday and Friday will therefore be scheduled and will be up at 7 am xx







Self care.

It is not only kind, but essential. 

In fact, It’s nothing short of a crime to deprive ourselves of the same love we shower over others.. don’t you think?

While I personally feel that I do a lot of enjoyable things in my daily life- travelling, blogging, art- all forms of self care in that they make me a happier person, I have certain days where I actively try to do typical sort of self care things. I find that I’m present with them and really mindful of how I’m making myself feel, so they have a real impact, much more so than when I’m passive and just going through things.

I had one of these days this week, actually. It was later at night but I put on a good movie, listened to some relaxing music and just really got into a good mood. When I was done, I went upstairs and got out my frank body skincare products. They’re very pampering, yet perfect for daily use. I’m not sure about you but as much as I’d like to go through a set, fancy routine every day, I personally like using a single product and saving my others for when I feel like my skin needs a complete refresh. I definitely felt so much better after I’d gone through the scrub, cleanser and moisturiser!

After that, I put on my lush seaweed face mask. I love it because it’s very mild and hydrating and doesn’t cause any nasty reactions or breakouts, which are real problems with some masks!

I also set some time aside to read part of the new girlfriend magazine issue- It’s always a fun way to get some extra reading time in!

And then.. I ran a bath with epsom salts. They’re sort of a new thing, I guess, in my pamper routine. My mum bought them the other day because she felt she needed to draw out a bunch of toxins so she could be a little healthier overall. I reckon we could all do with being a little less toxified, so I jumped right in (literally) and thankfully didn’t get burnt. This is a nod to my love of hot baths, if you couldn’t tell.

It did get very steamy after a couple of minutes though. My face was definitely getting a thorough clean!

When I was ready to get out, I put the fan on and let myself air dry but got a fluffy towel for my hair. When I got dressed, I put on my new cotton on pajamas. It was fair to say I felt as fresh as a daisy!

I didn’t do anything else after that, save for head off to bed, although that can count too- It wasn’t particularly late like it usually is when I call it a night, so that’s a positive.




To help you out a lil more though, here are some other things I like to do to show myself some love <33


food collab x.png


new blog sign off





19 thoughts on “self care: how I keep my own cup full!

      1. no worries! that sounds lovely xx the sun is a beautiful way to recharge! I did a workout this morning- an hour of body balance and then forty minutes on the treadmill, speed and incline and all and I feel really great! there’s so many ways to take care of ourselves x

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  1. Self care is really important, you deserve it. ♥️ I have a mini pamper every week, and I’m starting to carve out some time to be able to exersise FOR MYSELF.
    Thank you Maryam xx


  2. self care is so so important, can’t agree anymore on this with you! your way of writing is so beautiful, it captures the whole meaning perfectly ❤ i really need this right now and i'm so glad that I headed right over here. it's been really stressful with school and all that recently, and i feel that i haven't really taken the time to slow myself down and take a breather. i'll definitely try some of your tips! lovely post as always xx


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