life update; health, going partially vegan, working out

Hi lovelies!

Today is the last day of my holiday in Kiama. It’s 9:03 am and our checkout time is 10:00.. but that’s okay. I have a little time and I want to share with you what’s been going on with me lately. This is going to be a very simple, chatty post, but I reckon it’s good sometimes to go back to basics, and I haven’t done something like this in a while xx



Lately I’ve been focusing more on health and just trying to prioritise it. Physical health mostly, but also mindset. I’m trying to develop a healthier relationship with food in general, but mostly with myself in relation to food.

hehe, that’s me being all complicated there! 🙃

Vegetarianism definitely brought some issues with it for me- I ended up getting an iron deficiency which caused easy bruising and this annoying rash, both of which proved hard to get rid of. I still need to try and manage them!

The doctor told me that I’d be okay, I just needed to take iron supplements or get an iron injection. I was actually hoping for the latter since it was much quicker. Don’t we all need  an easy fix sometimes? The iron tablets would of course help, but only 1/3 of the iron in the tablet would actually be absorbed, so it’d take much longer.

So, I’m currently taking tablets for that deficiency.. and waiting.




It’s now 8:50 pm and I’m very tired.. and I feel sort of sick, but anyway, no point sleeping now.

I’m in some comfy clothes, sitting at home under a fluffy new blanket- ooh, and I’ve got homemade mac n cheese in the oven so it should be an okay night. 🙂

Anyway, onto some recent changes: I’ve started to like exercise. I’ve started to enjoy fitting it into my day, which is definitely new. I can’t remember EVER liking exercising before and occasionally, I can’t even stand it. On PE days, I guess.

I now go to a gym near me. I’ve started taking body balance classes which are a mix of pilates, yoga and tai chi. It’s so calming and just beautiful. During that hour I felt like I myself was love. It was just everywhere. It felt amazing.

Afterwards, I spent an hour on the treadmill, incline and speed and all. It was different, but I liked it. I made sure to take breaks and do my exercising in intervals though as I wanted to conserve energy.

They had an option to watch netflix/youtube while exercising, which I thought was great. Very enticing for Netflix addicts like me. Did I mention that I’m fast liking watching youtube too? boy, have I changed.

I’m definitely thinking of getting a membership. The feeling I got when I was done exercising was fairly priceless. I felt so light and energised.



The other thing I wanted to talk about was veganism!

I’m now vegetarian again after having to take my break for health reasons. I’ve also cut out fish too. My family had me believe you were still vegetarian even while still eating fish. It just didn’t seem right though, so I thought about it some more and just wanted to go the whole way.

I’m also thinking I’ll start eating vegan two days a week, just to get a feel for it and work out whether it’s something that feels right for me.



What do you all think? How are you doing in terms of health/exercise/diet? let me know in the comments!


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22 thoughts on “life update; health, going partially vegan, working out

  1. There is no such thing as partial veganism; Veganism is an ethical lifestyle movement, not a diet.
    If you’re still consuming animal products then you aren’t vegan at all.


    1. Yes, of course!

      Sorry if my wording caused confusion. I simply meant that I’d like to start transitioning into veganism but I’m not sure if my current health situation would allow for that. I’d like to see, however, so I want to try a vegan diet two days a week. I understand that this doesn’t make me a vegan as it doesn’t complete cut out animal products 100% of the time x


  2. Great post! I have never enjoyed exercise but have recently got into going to the gym and am so surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. It’s so nice to have quality time to focus on yourself. I am also vegetarian but trying to eat vegan as much as I can now. I have swapped simple things like my butter and milk and I’m finding it easier to transition slowly 🙂


    1. aww, thanks tara!

      It really is such a surprise- I could never understand people who ate a vegetarian/vegan diet of people who enjoyed going to the gym and regarded it as their time instead of a punishment! In regards to that I think going into the gym with the intention of loving yourself while you create change is so powerful.

      And that’s a great point you mentioned about transitioning! There are lots of dairy alternatives which make things a lot easier. I think I’ll start buying almond butter and milk and see how that goes! I’m not very big on either of those products as it is but I can imagine it’d work in baking and things like that, as well as cereals (:


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