october bujo spread

hello lovelies!

First off, I want to apologise for being a little inconsistent with the timing of my posts lately. I’m going through a bit of a rough, drama filled time and there’s been a lot to process and work through. many many changes indeed.

anyway, today I’ll be sharing with you my spread for october!

It’s more collage inspired and definitely on the girly side. It’s been fun to experiment with different styles each month!



1. october intro spread + event calendar

the first two pages in my bujo are mostly decorative, but I think they really set the mood!

I’ve changed the way I set my calendar out this month, using different colours to alert myself to events or just fill in a box for a normal day.

I’ve also included my first ever key.. imagine that. hehe.

many of the prints I’ve included in this spread are from frankie magazine, but others are from a package I got a while back that included some pretty cards.


Untitled design-2

2. monthly trackers and goals

I’ve tried to be a lil creative here, as you can see!

I particularly love what I did at the top, because it reminds me of the photo developing labs where you hang up photos and let them dry, and I just think it’s pretty cute ☺️

I’ve experimented a little with different handwritten fonts, because I don’t want to be just using calligraphy, month after month.

I’ve also used a little watercolour diamond print I made to add a little bit of difference xx

my trackers on the second page have also improved dramatically- they are more detailed but in a simple, easy to understand format which works so well for me.


Untitled design-4

3. more monthly trackers

these last two pages are simply more simple trackers that I use to track my trends and patterns with things like water intake, sleep and the like 🙂

there really isn’t too much else to these pages.. I’ve added calligraphy writing and little pink paper squares to make this spread prettier.


Untitled design-3


new blog sign off




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