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As you probably already know, I recently went on a three and a half day holiday to some lovely coastal areas, mainly Gerringong, Kiama and Berry.

My family have started this new thing where every term break, we take a holiday. We haven’t gone overseas yet, nor do we regularly, but that’s something I’m hoping for soon. I’d absolutely love to travel to european countries as that’s my background. Malta, Italy, Greece. They’re my top three. And then I’ll see the others like New York, France, hehe.

But these areas were a true treat. So many beaches, but also lots of free space and luscious greenery. It felt like freedom. I felt new? yes, I did. It was nice.

It was short, but we packed a lot of things in, definitely more than I expected.

We stayed in a sort of boutique residence. It was also sort of like a motel, but pretty fancy, restaurant and all. It had a lot of interesting, definitely australian inspired artworks. They were pretty to look at!

Another thing I loved was that, just outside my room, there were a couple of huge bookshelves that contained more books than I could possibly read in years. For such a bookish type as me, that was an exciting moment. I ended up picking out a psychological thriller. It was quite long, maybe 330 pages or so, but I got through it 🙌🏼

I wanted to eat at the hotel restaurant one night but the food was quite expensive and sort of unusual, which isn’t me or my family’s thing. We prefer tried and tested when it comes to meals!

The view from our room was spectacular. We had a balcony facing other houses but you could see the ocean and all these cows on a hill. It was a contrast but it worked so well. The scenery honestly reminded me of my trip to England.. I miss that!

The area surrounding our hotel was pretty small, but it had a lovely row of shops- cute cafes, stores selling lots of homemade goodies (all the pottery and jewellery in the world!) and many other lovely things. We ate around here twice all up- once in the morning, for breakfast, on our third day. We got eggs- which I didn’t eat because I’m not a fan unless they’re just an ingredient- as well as scones with fresh cream and the cafe’s own raspberry jam. There were some lovely pancakes too! It made for a nice photo. The other time we ate out, we got a vegetarian pizza. It was nice and crisp and different from what I usually get. More gourmet. I tend to switch between cheesier, more basic pizzas and the fancier sort. I find the first tends to be nicer, because, well, It’s junk food. You can go all out and it’ll taste better!

Well, that was quite the pizza rant 😂

On the subject of eating out, we went out for fourteen meals all up. It was incredible, but my digestive system needed a good break when I got back last week.. ahah. thai food, pizza, indian, fish and chips, without the fish for me. Lots of nice pastries and cafe trips too. It was decadent, although not entirely out of the ordinary. I honestly reckon most of our money goes towards eating out. I don’t even know how, haha!

Other than that, we went to a lot of beaches and lookouts around the area. All three spots we visited were fairly close to each other, which meant no overly long drives. We visited the Kiama blowhole which is a spot towards the edge of the ocean that has eroded into a huge hole over time. The waves crash around the bottom and when pressure builds up, a huge spray of water splashes over the top. The time before when I came a couple of years ago, I saw a beautiful rainbow. I also saw the famous lighthouse- It had a ‘100 years of Anzac’ sign on it in gold. After that, I headed to the rocks to look at the view and really be able to appreciate it.

I also went to a lot of nice stores. I find that these smaller inner city areas have a lot of boutique, fancy stores. They’re very artistic and sell a lot of the things I’m interested in! Lucky me. A common theme between them is the styling. Lots of natural, neutral (lol) tones, plants and earthy, but bright styling. That is my aesthetic.

I bought a few things during the trip- a glass sol water bottle- pastel and wood. It’s one of the most gorgeous things I own. Do yourself a favour and get one! You will not regret it. I also got this beautiful, dainty gold necklace. It’s a thin, loose chain with tiny circles additions around it. The last thing I got was some beautiful decorative paper. I’m thinking I might cut some out and frame the print. It has intricate botanicals in the most lovely colours.

Some highlights of my trip would be visiting this rural sort of theme park on the third day. It was in the rain, but it was so different to what I usually do. I had a lot of fun. There was a giant slide, a racing car track, and all these car, animal and robot rides. I honestly can’t even describe how cool it was!

The man who owned the place told me that all the rides he got were special orders. He wanted things that nobody else had, hence how unique they all were. There was a pig chair and a centipede ride 😂

We also just did a lot of walking around, which was fun because all the areas were new and you didn’t know what to expect.

Overall, this has been one of my favourite trips! I had such a great time and want to stay in Berry next holidays- specifically this little but gorgeous cottage I stayed in all the way back in year three.


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