a little wisdom- learning, always.

hey lovelies ☺️

today’s post doesn’t have a specific focus- I just wanted to share with you a few things I’ve been thinking about and have realised lately. Most are to do with being humble and open.



+ you learn something from everyone and everything, no matter how insignificant.

My little brother is a prime example of this. He’s eight and silly as can be, but also very smart. He’s taught me things I had no clue of- clouds have names, for instance. But there’s also been times he’s had refreshing opinions on topics many people have a set view on. He’s very mature in some ways. Oh, and did I mention that he taught me how to ride a bike?! I’m fifteen in two months and yet, until now, I literally never had the opportunity to learn. Who would know? He was so supportive and encouraging of me and it was very humbling. No matter how old we are, in order to grow further, we need to let other people teach us things.





+ kindness isn’t to be taken as weakness

I’ve seen a lot of this lately, in myself and in others. We should always be kinder than we need to be, because chances are the people who hurt us need that to better themselves. They need something to model. I recently had a really bad falling out with three family members, all of who I have cut ties with, and not unnecessarily. They did shocking things to me, and I’m honestly still stunned about the whole situation, but I am fairly confident that I was kind and respectful even when they were tearing me apart. In private though, maybe not so much, and that’s something I could work on. I know deep down that I showed true strength in the way I didn’t bring them down, even though I could’ve very easily. I just know that I am not God, and I am not perfect, so I don’t get to cast the first stone. I leave things be and stay confident in my knowledge that what others think of me doesn’t reflect my true self.





let me know what you’ve learnt lately! share some life lessons and things you like to live by down below xx


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