october favourites

hello lovelies!

Today’s post is going to be me showing you some of my october favourites.

as you probably already know, I like to mix my layouts up a bit each time, so this month may look a little different. I’m aiming for something a bit more simplistic. none the less, please enjoy and comment down below which style you like best, or let me know if you don’t mind the change ☺️



+ miscellaneous

listening to: all the pretty girls by kaleo, various reggae songs, bills by lunch

money lewis,  sunset lover by petit biscuit x

eating and drinking: chai lattes.. again! this is the newest maryam trend, I guess. veggie burgers and beetroot chips.. also amazing, trust me! I must say, becoming vegetarian and trying out more vegan foods has brought me to taste some amazing things. It’s the simple pleasures in life, right?!

doing: writing pen pal letters! I received my first letter earlier this week and wrote two out today. Sydney, expect a first letter! Ava, I’ve written back! 😉

being: more mindful and conscious, and trying to incorporate more kindness into my day. Little things, like today in spotlight when I picked up something the lady behind me had dropped. Also, being healthy! I’m exercising a lot more than I used to and changing my workout routines up regularly so it stays fun. I plan to do some swimming soon too!




new workout clothes.png


new workout clothes-3


new workout clothes-2


new workout clothes-5


new workout clothes-4


new blog sign off




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