minimalism- somewhat a cure





It can be neatly described as living more with less.. a term very fitting.

I want to talk to you today about my personal journey with minimalism, and how it’s affected me. It’s such a positive thing. It’s freed up my mind and invited me to live in cleaner, simpler spaces filled only with the things that bring me joy. It’s helped me to be less perfectionistic and controlling of my surroundings too, which is a big deal for me.

I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of that, actually. One day last week, I didn’t make my bed.. because I didn’t want to. I was somehow cool with that. And then I sat on the bed another day, when it was already made, and it didn’t bother me in the least. I still have a way to go but my outlook is improving and that is priceless.

One thing about minimalism is that it doesn’t meant culling all and living with nothing- if you have a lot of things that make you happy, then you keep them and just make them work with the space you’ve got. Me, for example- I have a lot of clothes, all of which I love, so I keep them. I’ve become so conscious about only wearing things that are special to me that I no longer need to check for pieces I don’t want anymore.

Minimalism, for me, is not a restriction, but a way of finding freedom. I get it if you don’t see it the same way- In my religion, a lot of people wear scarves because they find it empowering. I can’t say I feel the same way, but I’m open to hearing to about why others do. This freedom.. has made me feel less depressed and anxious. How crazy is that? In this world absolutely driven by consumer culture and buy this buy that, I could actually find something positive in not having as much. Having more is considered privilege.

I find that really, this is more a task in striking a balance- like everything in life, too much either way is no good. I am just like anyone else in that I like to have nice things- I’m upgrading to the iPhone 8 tomorrow. The balance is that I recognise that I don’t need everything, nor do I want that much. It would do me more harm than good, and would exacerbate an endless cycle of constant desire. That is no way to live.

The problem with owning so many material possessions lies in the meaning we give to our things. We forsake our relationships, health, happiness, passions and more, and that’s when the real issues arise.

Don’t we all want to pursue purpose driven lives? minimalism is the tool to unlocking that. Rid yourself of excess and live out your dreams.. which become your new reality 😉

the many benefits of minimalism include: eliminating discontent, reclaiming time, being able to live in the moment, the drive to pursue passions, discovering your personal mission, experiencing freedom in its’ true sense, creating more and therefore honing our own talents instead of consuming.. there is every reason to say a definite yes.

I am on this journey so I can experience lasting happiness. I don’t seek to find this feeling in things because they don’t contain it. They are merely made to satisfy us until we find reason to be discontent.

minimalism was my magic cure, and maybe it can be yours too. And finally, it’s simple. And free.

Just like all the best things in life!


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24 thoughts on “minimalism- somewhat a cure

  1. This post is amazing Maryam! I have wayy too many things and really want to declutter, however I have attempted multiple times and failed… so i guess I’ll give it another go!


  2. Great post! In my opinion we really start to reap the benefits of minimalism when we extend it to not only things but also how we choose to spend our time. I just wrote a post about how decluttering is just the start, next step is to hone in on what experiences make you happy and try to bring as much of that into your life as possible.


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