social media sickness

There is a lot to be said about not spending or.. wasting.. so much time on social media. Good things. And they’re true.

Now, we’re going to miss a lot of the statistics because, let’s be real: I’m not here to give you the facts- I’m here to speak my word, give you my experience. Isn’t that infinitely  more valuable? 😉


Now, I’ve checked google and the average person spends a lot of time on social media per day- so much so that what I thought was extreme turned out to be normal. Wow.

As recently as the last couple of weeks, my social media usage has shot up. I don’t know why either. I mean, yes, I have my ‘instagram brand’ to promote and maintain, and putting time into something is meant to ensure that it thrives, but we can take that pressure of in this scenario. Did I have nothing else to do? Surely not. I did get a few more followers because of it, but how silly.

I remember when I first noticed the new tool instagram rolled in that allows you to see how much time you’ve spent on the app daily and your average over the week. The first time I checked this, I was so shocked to see that on one day, I’d spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS. I could barely believe it honestly.. but I also knew it was probably true. Fast forward to this week, and I spent about forty minutes on Instagram per day. One day it was as low as fourteen minutes.

There’s a clear shift here, but I can help but think: what caused this positive change?

Here’s the thing: no change in routine, nothing I find more interesting and would rather spent time on.. nothing, nada.

And so, I’m chalking it down to mindset.

Let me explain. 🙌🏼

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been really desiring, and I’d even go so far as to say, manifesting, CHANGE.

One of my worst fears is being stuck and never having anything progressing in my life. Change is the way we grow as people. It allows us full permission to live the way we believe we were meant to.

My sort of change isn’t completely defined yet- I have ideas of ways I’d like to start, but they are more to do with material objects and dreams I want to achieve. Now It’s shifting more to health and fitness goals, but not mindset, and yet that’s where I’m seeing a lot of difference.

I guess I’ll explain this as social media being a big, unnecessary component of my life. The universe knew, somehow, that it wasn’t taking me anywhere, so when I finally acknowledged that I was ready for more, it started to bring me everything, in order of REAL importance.. and not my perceived importance. This is also a means of letting go and releasing my expectations and beliefs of how things should pan out- life is so unexpected that this often just leads to disappointment.

Overall, this shift is so important to me. I know I’m being pushed, slowly, slightly, into a better me. Habits don’t change overnight and this isn’t magic by any means, but our mindset is the most powerful tool we have. When something clicks, even if it’s small, things can end up so vastly different that you’d never believe it.

Now, when I wake up, I don’t check my phone for hours- this isn’t a conscious thing; often I don’t even want to. I’ll leave my phone in a drawer or in another room and go about my day, and that’s it. I’m a little happier, my mind is vastly more clear and free. That’s a small, life changing thing in itself.

As people, there’s more to us, and to social media. We just need balance and the right tools to strike it.



Social media, a tool that’s there for us to use.. but that often ends up using us. What’s your story? What apps do you frequently use?


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11 thoughts on “social media sickness

  1. Social media has taken over my life ever since I got any sort of account. I think it’s really important I realize how much it consumes us and take a step back and just breathe. I don’t usually spend more than half an hour daily, but it still often feels like a lot.

    Lovely post Maryam, I absolutely agree with everything you said. xx


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