how to build your dream wardrobe






ah, fashion.

Believe it or not, you do not have to be female to want a perfect wardrobe. The best part of fashion is how inclusive it is. Fashion is for everybody.  It serves as a unique representation of us, and can even be seen as an extension of self- pretty cool, right?

Since starting my minimalism journey, I’ve learnt to cull like a pro- my spaces, my tech, my circle, my life, my wardrobe.. and I’ve enjoyed it too. I never thought I’d get to a point where I’d walk into a store and just want to leave it. I’d never have believed you if you’d told me that the joy I used to get out of shopping would be surpassed by the joy I’ve gotten out of giving things away.

My wardrobe has undergone some serious changes, if I do say so myself- I’ve fine tuned my tastes, worked out patterns in what I buy, gotten rid of any items that don’t bring me joy and done some conscious, intentional shopping. It’s honestly been a really enjoyable process, and proved so helpful in making my life easier and happier too. Today, I want to share with you my tips and tricks for curating a wardrobe that screams you, because you deserve it. Trust me, it makes all the difference!




+ look at and understand what you’re dealing with

This first step is all about reviewing what you’ve got, doing some simple thinking on where you could go next and accepting your current situation. Maybe you tend to impulse buy, which means that you have drawers full of poorly thought out choices. You may have a lot of cheaply made clothes or items that don’t reflect your style at all. Maybe you aren’t comfortable in the clothes you’ve got. On the other hand, you might have a look and decided you’re doing pretty well- that’s great! 🙂

+ create a pinterest inspiration board

This step here is probably a favourite of mine, so it’s funny that I don’t already do this. I mean, of course I have a style related board, but it’s very general. I’m very happy with my wardrobe at the moment, but it’s always good to have something to fall back on for when you want a new look or even ideas for different ways to style clothes you’ve got. Once you’re done with this step, you’ll probably be able to look at your board and see patterns in what you like. This can help you nut out a colour palette and dress sense that works for you, without having to buy anything or try on anything first!

If you want, feel free to print out some pictures- maybe you can create a mood board to keep you interested and excited for what’s to come x


+ try on all your clothes

I find this step is also fun- take out everything you own and try it on. Do not get caught up in the clothes themselves or allow yourself to be distracted. Put them all in their respective piles- tops, bottoms, undergarments, accessories. You can be more specific if you’d like though- for example, skirts, jeans and leggings in separate piles, even though they’re technically in the same category.

As you try on items, you’ll probably be able to tell how you feel about it, but make sure to ask yourself anyway- does this spark joy? do I like wearing this? do I even wear this?!

If you’re not sure or decide against an item, thank it for what it’s done for you and let it go, no regrets. This is your wardrobe and you have full permission to edit it frequently, ruthlessly and to your liking. Just don’t go overboard! This is a process.


+ define (and refine) your style

At this stage you’ll have your piles of clothing still out, but the after version, not the before. Your giveaway/sell/throw out pile will be somewhere else. Looking at your items, you should be able to describe your style in a sentence. Do you like real statement pieces, lots of bold, bright colours, fun cuts and prints? Do you prefer a more muted, neutral colour scheme? Are you into more dressy or casual styles? You may find that your wardrobe branches out a bit, overlapping and reaching a few of these categories, and that’s okay too. My personal style is very classy and elegant- I don’t have many casual clothes. I never really have, actually. I like blouses and nice dress pants, as well as skirts and dresses, but I also have nice jumpers and a few shirts and even a crop top- I shop at two places only for my clothes- seed heritage, where I get most of my everyday and fancier clothes. I love their overall brand because it takes into account the environment. It also doesn’t support slave labour, which many fast fashion chains do. This however, isn’t really a fast fashion store. Seed is expensive, but extremely high quality. Their clothes are made in such a way that they aren’t disposable and really do stand the test of time. I fully expect my clothes from there to be just as good a year or two down the track. The second store I shop at is Dangerfield/Princess Highway and that’s where I go when I want something more fun. It’s not cruelty free however, which means that I try and stay away from purchasing from there. The importance of choosing a select few stores to shop at is high- this will set the vibe for your wardrobe and increase the chances of you being able to create matches within your clothes.


+ try on your clothes again and see how many you can pair together!

The second try on is here! I’ve been through this recently and was honestly surprised by how easy it was to pair my clothes with each other once I’d gotten my wardrobe down to the clothes I wanted and nothing else. I found that my basic blouses were a good way to dress up my two tone jeans. I noticed that my skirts could be dressed down when I wore them with my white crop top. Another thing I want to point out here is this little fact- did you know that 80% of the clothes we have, we don’t actually wear?

Yes, only 20% of our wardrobes get worn, so we don’t need much anyway. Believe me, after you declutter, you’ll have more (and fresher) ways to wear things.


+ go shopping- but only for the things you need

This was the last step in my wardrobe revamp. I noticed that I didn’t have many casual pieces, so I went shopping. I had a few vouchers to spend at cotton on and while being in there honestly made my head spin- so many clothes.. so many styles.. fast fashion overload- I managed to pick a few things out. I got a few pairs of socks- a good purchase because these are obviously on high rotation and get worn down + a pair of cream linen shorts to wear with a nice top. After that, I went to seed and got a white blouse, a pair of two tone denim shorts, which I absolutely love, lavender jeans and lastly, a cream bag with black edging and a gold ring on the handle. This shopping left me satisfied after, but not in a “filled so and so hole” sort of way, which is a big reason most of us consume. We think it will fill what’s empty, but it won’t. There is a lot of peace that will find you when you stop wanting so much and start living more with what you’ve already got.









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