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Self care is absolutely fundamental to our wellbeing. It is necessary for us to take time out to give our bodies and minds some tender loving care because they do a lot for us and often don’t get to rest.


Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely bethan from happy thoughts.

She’s an absolute ray of sunshine and one of my favourite bloggers. Her posts are always a joy to read- they’re well written and interesting, and her self care routine is no different!

Self care ideas of late have become so cliche.. I mean, how many more lush baths can a person take? they’re lovely, of course, but I feel like something new is in order. My list is more on the unique side but I will say that you should never underestimate the power of little things, which is why I’ll be mentioning skincare 😉

enjoy, and hopefully you find something new to try when you’re seeking some downtime xx


1. collaging



Like many teens and um, everybody in our modern society, I sometimes struggle to strike that delicate balance of screen time. The solution however is become increasingly clear to me- take it offline. This isn’t too hard after a while- I know I can watch Netflix later, check my emails tomorrow. I are much more important than any of those things, after all. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I don’t have a phone at the moment- it got lost, somehow. This is of course very upsetting, but it’s freed up a lot of my me time for other endeavours. Heck, there have been days my phone usage has hit ten hours a day- how is that even possible?

I recently got the newest issue of frankie magazine, and it came chock full of goodies- as you can see here, there was a beautiful collage kit just waiting to be cut out and put together. It took me a few hours, but I got through three pages of sometimes tedious cutting with the help of pretty little liars. I liked the show so much I decided to rewatch it!

What I think I’ll do next is find a small box to put the collage pieces in so I can bring it out and start fresh whenever I want instead of being tied down to one design. I love collaging as an alternative to designing online- it’s simpler and I think it allows you to be more creative.

It’s also something a bit more child like. Basic imaginative play is something we tend to reserve for little kids, when it’s really for everyone. We all need to return to these states of being now and again!


2. lighting a stick of sage + soaking up crystal energy


every season is one of becoming,but not alwaysone of blooming-be gracious with yourever evolving self.-3


This is one of my most beautiful practices because it allows me to clear old energies and really focus on the present. Sage has a very distinct musky smell and always puts me in a calm, vaguely trance like state. It’s wonderful for freshening up spaces as long as you don’t go overboard. I like to do this once every two weeks or so.

Crystals are also very powerful and healing. They in themselves are balancing and can bring to us what we seek. My two favourite crystals are pictured above- I’m not sure of the green one but the purple is amethyst. It’s absolutely stunning and promotes emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, getting rid of old negative patterns/addictions and introducing peace and joy back into your life.

I don’t meditate with my crystals but I may try it- the very nature of both these things would allow for a very deep experience.


3. pampering my skin




A little time spent on making sure your skin looks and feels its’ best can go a long way. We’ve all had good and bad skin days, but the truth is that every day can be a good one, we just need to pay attention to the signs our bodies give and not slack off on the things that benefit us. This might be taking vitamins daily, removing your makeup before bed, or even just washing your face an extra time. It’s also important to invest in good quality products that you’re okay with your face soaking up. You don’t want any nasties to wreak havoc and ruin all your good work. My all time favourite brand is probably frank body- they have a wonderful facial cleanser set that contains three different types of scrubs. I apply them once a week and it’s probably the only time my skin feels truly fresh. I also like to apply a face mask- mine is from lush and it does a great job of nourishing my skin. If needed, I’ll also put grease lightning on any spots. It’s a wonderful aloe vera gel from lush. It works quickly and effectively at reducing inflammation and redness.


new workout clothes-7











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