style trends I’m lovin



Just so you’re in the know, this post is a collaboration with the highly aesthetic Brooke from Au Chat Bleu. I’ve been sort of a fan of hers for a while now.. I mean, who in their right mind isn’t? 🙂

onto the post!



Text placeholder-2
pretty florals- so trendy and timeless, flowery prints never go out of style! the ones above are very feminine and gentle x
cream blouses- a versatile wardrobe staple that can pass as dressy or casual depending on the look you’re going for.
darling lashes- a stunning, bold look to go along with a gown. so much shimmer!
hair scarves- the newest, most in accessory trend! perfect for your hair, bag or as a top x

Text placeholder-4.png

dainty necklaces- simple bling that always looks very classy and elegant.
crimped hair- a favourite of mine at the moment.. very cute!
rattan bags- lovely if I do say so myself! I especially like the ones with the little bows.
neutrals- very stylish and generally look quite high end!


new workout clothes-7

15 thoughts on “style trends I’m lovin

  1. Oh my eyes 😍 LOVE this whole post!!! I’m in love with how you edited those photos and that’s like seriously my faves too! Love the colors!! ❤❤❤ Seriously, I can’t stop complimenting!!

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