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Welcome to my space everyone!

For me personally, room tours make for really fun and inspiring content.

I recently changed my room up completely with the help of Pinterest and Ikea. This time around I decided to go for a beautiful minimalist scheme using traditional Scandinavian design techniques.. which are simpler than they sound!

The basics of Scandinavian design involve making the best use of space, inviting in natural light and having carefully placed furniture and decorative pieces. This style is naturally simple but tells a story when done right.

My previous bedroom design was much much brighter and full on than what I’ve currently got going on. It wasn’t bad necessarily, but it didn’t invite much peace in, and that was something I really wanted. After all, your bedroom is somewhere you typically spend a lot of time in, especially at night when you’re winding down and getting ready for bed. Ever since designing this space, I’ve realised that I felt happier and more pampered. I don’t have or need a lot, but everything in my room serves a functional or decorative purpose and adds to the overall feel of quality.

For furniture, I have my full length wooden mirror, my desk, an armchair which I use in place of a desk chair, my bookcase, chest of drawers, bed and plant stand. The bookcase and plant stand are currently unoccupied but I plan to find some things to put there soon. Under my bed I have storage for important things like my books, which I love but do not like in the open. I find them to be too cluttering. Words take up a surprising amount of space!

A constant in my room is texture and wooden themes, as well as white/cream. For decorations I have a monstera plant in a gorgeous wooden basket, some crystals and favourite jewellery on my chest of drawers, dried reeds in a clear vase and some prints on the wall. I also have a bigger mustard botanical print in a gold frame leaning on my desk and a macrame wall hanging above my bed.



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28 thoughts on “minimalist chic room tour

  1. Your room is so lovely! I’m ‘moving out’ of my room and into the small bedroom so I don’t have to share with my messy little sister anymore! Love this ❤️
    Char x


    1. thank you char! means a lot darling girl 💗 It’s great that you’re getting your own room! I’m moving houses very very soon, probably this month, so depending on the size of my new room, I might have to do some rearranging! I hope you have fun with the new room x

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  2. Your bedroom looks gorgeous. The problem I have now with my bedroom is that I have so many things for studying and creative projects. I really love my room but it’s too small to hold all of my things and make it look minimalistic. When I am out of school, that will clear a lot of space!
    Great post! I love how a room can be so cosy yet so clean.


    1. Oh, I feel you! there can definitely be a lot of things in the way of achieveing the minimalist look, but you eventually get past them! there were some things that I had from my old room that I really liked so didn’t end up getting rid of. It’s all in the storage really, but you probably don’t want a million boxes just to put stuff in!

      thank you love x

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