my new year getaway- all the sights of melbourne + victoria



How are you lovelies? I hope your day has been productive and happy. mine definitely has- I got to relax this morning with a cup of herbal tea, exercised some and now I’m here listening to music and writing you this post.

I’ll be telling you a little bit about my recent week long trip to melbourne and victoria. I had a really amazing time- while I was on holiday I saw the most incredible sights, had some powerful realisations and got to visit some of my dad’s family members. they were a lot of fun to be around and really supportive of my veganism- something I’ve been struggling a lot with lately. as it’s turned out, this is my third full day of eating completely vegan. what I didn’t know before was that this diet requires planning and thought.. It’s not something you can just run with. It’s something you pick up on through research and of course, the help of pinterest boards. that site is an absolute haven for delicious recipes!



graffitti alley waymelbourne city

untitled design

                                                           lemongrass cafe- victoria

every season is one of becoming,but not alwaysone of blooming-be gracious with yourever evolving self.

 great ocean road lookouts- victoria

untitled design-4


Our flight was due to leave saturday evening, so I packed in the day time.. super late. everything turned out just fine though- I was happy I didn’t forget anything! some of the essentials I brought on the trip were 2019 frankie diary and polaroid camera. even though we hadn’t really even begun the holiday yet, I found this day to be quite exciting because I’m just obsessed with airports.. don’t ask why, I have no idea. they’re just cool places to be! none the less, I was hardly happy with the delays we experienced both on our departure and return, but that’s another story!

we were picked up by my uncle on my dad’s side of the family and we left to stay with their family for five days. I knew them somewhat because we’d done this same trip back at the start of 2018, but we’d stayed only for a night. this time around, I got to spend proper time getting to know them and just how they live. I find that really cool, just people’s daily lives and their ‘normal’ because it differs so much. I found out that my cousins liked the same kind of music as me and also were passionate about health and fitness, so we had some good chats. one of my cousins, hassan, even went to the store and got me some vegan nuggets and kombucha. I’d never tried to nuggets before, but they were amazing. I’d say better than the original! fortified soy.. who would know it tastes like chicken? while I was there I also got to try vegan burgers and had parathas most mornings. that’s indian/pakistani flatbread and something I used to have a lot. It’s so light and flaky and goes well with curries and other rich foods.

my uncle took us to see some of the sights in melbourne, and I was really impressed. we saw the city, which is so much more abstract and artistic. as someone really interested in design, getting to walk these streets were a true treat. the architecture is truly inspiring, and there are so many lights! It’s very indivual and unique, quite different to sydney. we ended up going to the city a couple of times- once at night, then to see the fireworks and lastly, to explore in the day time. I went to this street art alley way which I first fell in love with last year. It doesn’t hurt the eyes.. the colour is beautiful and it’s such a nice collaborative space. what I love doing when I’m here is finding the spaces where people have written meaningful things and then taking photos to remember them. this time around, I even got to see an artist spray painting. he was so precise and it looked well put together.. if it was me, I’d just make a mess!

we also went to some smaller places like the beach and botanic gardens- I indulged myself and took some polaroids of the pretty flowers. there were bushes of my favourite flower- the hydrangea. there were also some statues. It gave the gardens a bit of an old fashioned look which I just loved. we ate brunch there too and I had a slice of orange and poppy seed cake with a soy latte. all dairy free! I was proud of myself and it left me feeling confident that I could eat out whilst still being vegan. just before we left, we had a picnic and I had vegan pizza.

on our last few days, we headed down to port campbell in victoria, where my cousin aaron from my mum’s side lives. his house is in a very small town but they have the most scenic lookouts, a beautiful beach with a cliffside and some nice restaurants. he actually works there at a place called waves. I’ve been last year and it was quite nice. this time around, because it was very cold, we didn’t stay outside much, but we did some cooking at home. we planned to go to waves but instead ended up at lemongrass cafe, which was so aesthetic and had the best gourmet pizzas- their secret being the woodfire oven! the whole place was very calming. we drove on the great ocean road, which is by far one of the wonders of this world. you feel like you’re in the countryside with all the fields and animals, but you’re also surrounded by water and cliff. everything is just right. the air is cold but the view makes up for it. the water is this deep crystalline aqua that would be incredible to swim in. just imagine how alive you’d feel. It kind of felt like I was on a high.. to top it off, I saw the sunset being swallowed up and it felt surreal. the sky was all pink and orange in some parts, and purple in others. nature never fails to astound me. everything at just the right time, the way it sustains itself largely without human input. truly incredible.


new workout clothes-7


25 thoughts on “my new year getaway- all the sights of melbourne + victoria

  1. Before I went vegan (I’m kind of an all or nothing gal haha) I did a trial week to see how it would be which was super helpful! I just spent two weeks in Melbourne and loved it, glad you did too 🙂


  2. sounds like you had an excellent trip! we are glad you liked victoria- we live around here so we have seen a few of these views before ❤ lovely photos x


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