vulnerability as a tool in relationships



sit with the uneasiness, the mess, the discomfort.. the humanity. the you of all you’s- the one you likely don’t see often because of all the identities you’ve taken on. sit with your raw self and make peace with your being. sing soft words of encouragement and love yourself, please darling, love yourself. when you’re done, open the windows and the doors and free yourself from the shackled confines of your own self doubt. know your power and allow yourself to be changed by it. this world, the awakened people.. they are ready for you. they welcome you.





I know I’ve been gone a while. If you follow my instagram, you might’ve seen my latest post where I go into a bit of detail regarding why. I wasn’t very active there either until yesterday. simply put, this january has been incredible for me. I’ve wanted to live out every single moment in a present state, focused entirely on the dreams I manifested into reality. this past month, I found a beautiful new place to live in. It just so happens to be in the catchment for the school I want to attend as well. there were some other things too- the writing competition I entered early this month.. I’ve got a good feeling about that. I also started working with a beautiful small brand, la luna, which is ever so exciting. arguably, the best part of all was the boy. not just any boy though. the one who gets me and what I’m about and shares the same visions. the boy who thankfully lacks the toxicity of those in my past. so, the boy. early days, but I sense that he is good and that’s enough for me.

It wouldn’t be unfair for you to wonder how this experience ties in with the meaning of the post, but I promise this’ll make sense as we get a bit deeper in.

For me personally, I find that there are common traits in the relationships I have with people who just click with me. It isn’t random. these relationships have commitment, a deep sense of connection, good communication and so much more. most importantly however, they have two people comfortable and willing enough to be vulnerable in the presence of one another. to completely strip down and shed all the layers of unneccessary in order to let yourself be fully loved, understood and accepted. I’d also like to add this- they don’t have to be romantic in nature. I’ve got friends like this and my relationship with them is just as wonderful.

this boy is my safe space. we are nurturing characteristics that others are unwilling to harness, even though they work in favour. It’s true.. I was taken by imperfection and I still am. how deeply beautiful is it to allow yourself to just be with no thoughts of anything but where you are with yourself? in our first email, he mentioned both his good and bad characteristics and I so admired that. It helped me to let go a bit and let someone else see me in my entirety. I honestly believe this is why we’re working so well together- not because we’re special or because we check off all the boxes on the perfect partner list. not at all. I know, it’s hard sometimes. we all fear rejection, oversharing. I get that. the truth however is that if you find the right sort of person, they will applaud you. they’ll cherish you and everything you are. they won’t even think of walking away, because how could they? deep down, you ARE everything they ever wanted. vulnerability is in and I can promsise you, it will transform the way you look at everything.

sending much love and light- let me know if this resonates xx


new workout clothes-7




14 thoughts on “vulnerability as a tool in relationships

  1. Great post – I 100% agree! It takes a lot of courage to be open and real and raw, especially with other people, but i know that it’s well worth it And all the best with everything ❤️ xx


  2. beautiful. I agree with u on every aspect, and your writing always puts me in awe and a feeling of inner peace, just like the first time I read your posts a long time ago. U have come a long way, and u have no idea how happy and proud I am of u right now. You are an absolute shining star 🌟 💗


  3. Beautiful. I agree with you on every word. I don’t think anyone could have put it better 😊
    Good luck for your relationships and I’m glad January was good for you! A great start is a good sign x


  4. oh, beautiful. this was so well-written and honestly your writing really puts a lot of things into perspective for me. i’m so glad things worked out for your new place. i hope your february is even better. you are so wonderful and i’m so thankful for you sharing, maryam.
    sydney x 💓 😊


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