seize the year: my 2019 goals










These are my goals for 2019.

On the first day of the year, I sat down with a pen and my journal and wrote down all I hoped to accomplish this year. I branched out and set goals that were smarter, more specific, less cliche, but still true. here’s a little bit about them-

Going vegan.. well, attempting to go vegan, is no easy feat. undoubtedly worth it though! yes, I’m still working at it, but I’m seeing wins. It’s getting easier to find options when I’m out in social situations, for instance. I’m also getting good at shopping for what I need for meals. pinterest has proved to be a big help in supplying recipes that are both delicious and easy enough to make everyday. I’m currently loving avocado pasta.. so creamy and by far my new go to.

Creating a new signature and practicing calligraphy are two things that are high up on my list.. especially the first. my current signature is not very sophisticated or thought through considering I made it a few years ago. I’ve never been good at signatures, but considering I’m getting older and will be using it frequently in a couple of years, I thought I’d better finalise it. as for calligraphy, I’d love to improve. I bought some great brush pens and used them quite a bit last year and the year before, but I’m a bit out of practice. I’ve already gotten a lot better than I used to be, but I see so many bloggers and creatives with their lovely writing. It’s so inspiring and of course looks amazing!

Visit the gym more often. I know this is common enough, but I have a subscription that means I have access to the gym on fridays and the weekend and I need to take advantage of it! I don’t have any particular fitness goals at this point other than to tone up and just move. exercise is so good for mind and body- it’s amazing how uplifting it can be!

Get up and sleep earlier- oh, I hear that a lot! everyone sees it as a good idea, even me myself.. actually making it happen is another thing though. I’m the sort of person who enjoys the night hours. I can stay up through the night with no problems. I just find it beautiful and quiet. everything stops, but I don’t. ocassionally, I’ll see a sunrise too.. those mornings are rare but happen sometimes. those are truly special.

Learning to take better polaroids is something I’m definitely willing to work towards. older style photography is so nostalgic and gives me all those warm fuzzy feelings. I will keep that art alive. the nature of polaroids is that they rarely turn out perfect. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’d be better suited to a new style camera. It’s just so rewarding though, finding something beautiful or interesting to photograph and loving the unique result. I’m definitely getting better already though- when I took my camera to melbourne, I planned to use the whole packet of film, so read up on how to improve my pictures. I also learnt how to adjust the lighting, which made a big difference.


new workout clothes-7



23 thoughts on “seize the year: my 2019 goals

  1. i feel like i’m the only blogger who still hasn’t posted their 2019 goals yet. maybe soon.
    i loved these goals! i can definitely agree on sleeping early because i’ve really been working on it recently.
    i hope you achieve all of your goals. ๐Ÿ’“๐ŸŒŸ


    1. aww, thanks ella! I get you. I didn’t find going vegetarian too difficult, but I have had some slip ups ocassionally! It’s very much not a matter of getting it perfect, just doing a little better. Being gluten free and then having other dietary requirements on top of that would be so hard! my friend is on a keto diet (no sugar, carbs etc.) and I find it to be so much harder to follow than veganism!


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