my minimalist wardrobe + how to curate yours




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One of my main focuses for a long time has been curating my wardrobe and refining it until I was left with only pieces I love. I own eighteen items and I couldn’t be happier. I really don’t struggle to put together outfits anymore, because I’ve got my classics and basics covered. Everything I own can be paired easily and dressed up or down depending on the look I’m going for. A big step I’ve made towards keeping a small high quality closet has been minimising. I’ve culled ruthlessly what doesn’t fit. I buy only high quality, long lasting pieces. This is one problem I find many people have, but I’ve never really struggled too much as I’m picky with what I wear! I’ve never liked fast fashion items. My style is simple, elegant and timeless. I don’t wear a lot of prints, but do like the occasional floral.. or two. I tend to focus on cuts and quality of fabric! You want to look expensive, put together.. just well dressed. Another tip is to find a colour palette that works for you. I love neutrals and clean colours. I also wear some pink and colour occasionally.




A breakdown of my wardrobe is as follows:

Tops/blouses: Three dressy, two casual.

Dresses: One fancy, three dressy.

Jackets: One simple denim jacket.

Pants: One pair of jeans.

Skirts: Two dressy.

Shorts: One dressy, two casual.




Another point I’d like to stress is how important it is to shop consciously and pick a few brands you love. If you start shopping willy nilly at every store you come across, your wardrobe won’t be very consistent and it’ll be harder to pick your style and stay with it. Also make sure that when you’ve picked your stores, they share similar styles and have the same sort of mission. For example, to be as ethical as possible or to make all their clothes from hand instead of sourcing them from elsewhere. Lately I’ve really liked purchasing from small handmade brands.


My go to stores are:

Everyday: Seed heritage.

Statement pieces: Merri the label, Plume clothing and a few others!


Since none of these are fast fashion or popular brands, they tend to fall into the more expensive category. You really do pay for what you get though- stunning pieces may be an investment, but you’ll eventually end up paying the same amount of money for other sub par purchases. Worse still, you’ll have more of them. I don’t know about you but I pick quality over quantity. Having a minimal closet doesn’t mean you don’t buy anything new or have lots of boring clothes, it just means your clothing choices are simplified and you have only what you wear and value. I still enjoy shopping, but I do so with a plan, buying only what I need. This way, when I do want something, there’s no problem. For example, I invested in a gorgeous cream sweater from Ralph Lauren the other day. It cost me $180, which was affordable when I thought about how many items I could pair it with and the wear I’d get out of it. It would last me because it’s well made. Best of all though, It’s something I love wearing and won’t tire of because it’s not trend based! I also plan to shop for a new pair of jeans in the coming weeks.

Hopefully this helped a few of you!


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11 thoughts on “my minimalist wardrobe + how to curate yours

  1. I have a very minimalist wardrobe but I never really thought of it as minimal because it has been the same my entire life! Love the look of your’s. Great post 👍 I really enjoyed reading


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