ego and pride


Ahh, hello lovelies.

Over the years I’ve learnt many things, one of the most important being the power of a sincere apology. When you recognise that you’ve gone wrong and strayed from your truer, better nature, being able to display this through a promise to do better and changed behaviour will restore your and others dignity.

And no, this isn’t an apology for dropping off the face of the blogosphere, but I will say thank you for waiting on me.. I’ve been everywhere.. and nowhere. All at the same time.




Healthy amounts of ego and pride are needed for self confidence, but these two can quickly morph into something bigger- and destructive. An overinflated sense of self traps us inside a kind of bubble where we believe we are always in the right. Imagine the kind of hell that would wreak on relationships.. both with ourselves and others.

The other week, I had a kind of major falling out with one of my best friends. It was a messy situation because there wasn’t a single person at fault, just unmatched points of view, hurt feelings and problems on both our ends. While I wasn’t completely to blame, I hadn’t been the kindest, so I offered a genuine apology. I think very few people nowadays call us out on unacceptable behaviour and while it can be confronting, It’s good to see where you can do better. Often times we already know our areas of struggle and detect unhealthy patterns of doing but let them slip because it’s easier that way. No one wants to believe they’re doing something that doesn’t line up with their sense of self. It’s also important to note here that you shouldn’t undervalue yourself, offer constant apologies or take unnecessary fault. As long as you’re trying your best and being considerate of yourself and others, you’re doing just fine.

Ego and pride- the reasons we lock love out, deprive ourselves of real connection and destroy the possibility of being changed, better people.

If ego was a person, we would’ve been done with it so long ago.. what’s the real difference?


7 thoughts on “ego and pride

  1. Thank you for sharing your perspective, and your story. We all make mistakes but some are too proud to admit it. This is where I usually have fallouts or misunderstandings. Yet, to keep on saying sorry could be as bad! I say sorry for things that aren’t my fault 😂
    Great post Maryam, I don’t see why I am the first person to comment?


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