the entrance.

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Hello lovelies!

Above are photos from when I went to The Entrance last holidays. The Entrance is your average small coastal town. It’s kind of on the outskirts. At night, it’s quiet and peaceful. I remember long walks down the road, blocks of restaurants and cafes beside me. Most don’t stay open late. By around 9pm you can expect them to shut down for the day. Lights dimming, chatter dying away. The sounds of the sea. There’s nothing like it. So much room for thought and contemplation. I love how sometimes it can feel as if you’re the only person alive; the whole world yours to marvel at and explore. Cities and the areas in between have way too many people and things going on. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of bodies, the fog, the energy of everyone around. It was clearer here.

Late mornings. Instant coffee. Crisp white sheets. Flower boxes. Sun. Hip cafes. These were just a few of my highlights.

There were plenty of other fun moments though too, like the afternoon we got ice cream and headed to the pelican show. There was a guy speaking but I had no idea where he was. It took me till the end of the show to locate him. Another person was feeding the pelican fish. He was kind of teasing them a little, moving the food side to side, up and down. They kept opening and closing their mouths. It was a true comedy show if I do say so myself! At the end, these huge birds climbed out of the water and started walking around, flying over to some people and surprising others by coming up behind them when they least expected it. I think I did the opposite though, surprising a pelican by trying to pat him on the head. He let me but didn’t like that too much.

On our last day, we headed out to the beach and my brother and dad swam for a bit. I did some photography and “cinematic” video, trying to capture the scenery from a different viewpoint. It was truly enjoyable. I collected shells and played around with them, then moved closer to the shore, enjoying the feeling of the water lapping at my ankles. We left soon after but came back again at night. There was a small community centre near the beach. They had an event on and soft music playing. We sat on a bench and just looked up at the sky. It was completely dark, the air unpolluted to the point that all the stars were visible. It was beautiful. Something else entirely.

I never knew how much I needed that spontaneous holiday. It was only a weekend’s worth of time away, but it made all the difference.




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