Make Muse- Young women smashing societal standards

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Make Muse believes in providing intelligent media for and by smart and creative young womxn. Through both digital and print initiatives, our content focuses on challenging gender roles and encouraging our readers to be daring, action-oriented, and most importantly, who they are, despite whatever society says they should be like. We value authenticity, inclusivity, community, and equality, echoing these values in all that we produce.


When Make Muse Founder Maura Sheedy was 16, in Fall 2014, a typical Friday afternoon suddenly became not-so-typical.

On Fridays, Maura and her friends would always spend the afternoon getting ready with each other for whatever outing they had scheduled for the night. They would talk endlessly about their makeup, hair, and outfits for later the night on the walk home and during the getting-ready-rituals. Every. Single. Week.

On one particular Friday evening, Maura was in the midst of this recurring conversation with her friends. But this time, untypically, she could not help thinking about how much time, energy, and money are devoted to looking “perfect.”

She surprised herself by saying, “Guys, what if I went a year without wearing makeup?”

A few days later, she inaugurated microblog @makeuplessmaura on Instagram to document spending the next entire year makeup-free. For 365 days, she posted makeup-free selfies, self-love quotes, rants on the beauty industry, natural makeup recipes, interviews with others on real beauty, and, of course, updates on her own experience with makeup and body image.

Her goal became to dive as deep into the issue of makeup in society as she could. Maura hoped to inspire people to reconsider the idea that beauty means makeup and to be aware of the many flaws of the beauty industry. Promoting overall self-acceptance was a key goal.


Today, living a makeup-free year still remains a defining period in Maura’s life. However, after her makeupless experience, watching the 2016 political climate in action, and holding her first job in a corporate setting, she came to the conclusion that beauty standards are not the only expectations for females that need to change. She saw it in beauty, politics, workplaces, and so many more areas that she witnessed. 

Make Muse, an online news and media site and print publication, is a continuation of Makeupless Maura and as well as a response to these experiences. As a feminist and go-getter, Maura, along with her amazing team, hope to prove that ALL existing and emerging societal standards for all young womxn must be challenged.

excerpt from-

Make Muse magazine, despite being relatively new, is already having the biggest impact. I have such admiration for those who start important conversations and spark thought and all the contributors of Make Muse have been doing exactly that. Reading through the various articles, I was endlessly inspired by how diverse it was. It was incredible to see people from all walks of life collaborating and sharing their individual stories. I was able to step into different shoes and see with fresh eyes. What really stood out for me though is the prevalence of strong female voices. There is nothing like an influential woman, someone of your own kind, to remind you that you can take on the world and you will! You just need to believe in yourself, speak your truth and smash out your goals.

“Make Muse was built knowing that young women care about the world, are worried about their futures, and want to have fun in the midst of global chaos, too. “

Make Muse is a home for creatives and passionate, driven individuals. Their magazine, which resembles a gorgeous scrapbook, delves into the topics of body, wellness, career, politics, activism, lifestyle, art and the like- in the most engaging ways! These are written about from a feminist and predominantly female viewpoint. While Make Muse is female focused, they are an inclusive community and recognise that all voices have value.

We’re covering intelligent topics, fulfilling a need for a smart print magazine for young women.

Nowadays, a big challenge I’ve experienced is finding relatable, engaging content.. that is actually meaningful. There’s a plethora of girly articles out there, but few of them seem to go beyond fashion, lifestyle or the latest makeup trends. All of that is okay. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those kind of things, but when that’s all you read about, all you know, then maybe it’s time to look beyond. In the past year, I’ve ditched my girlfriend magazines and started to read Frankie more. Now I also read Make Muse. I love being knowledgeable and up to date on the many issues that concern me, but also the ones that don’t. I believe it’s so important to have opinions and matters you care strongly about. We’re navigating a confusing world nowadays but simple things like Make Muse make all the difference. This magazine is a true game changer and absolutely worth the read.. I resonate so much with their mission and general outlook. Make Muse has been created from a wealth of love and is continued by a persistent desire for positive change. The belief that we all hold the power we like to speak of.

6 thoughts on “Make Muse- Young women smashing societal standards

  1. This is amazing! I just found your blog through Insta and my first thought was that your feed was so aesthetic! ❤ Now I know how important your blog is and I hope that I'll be able to write about these sorts of topics 🙂 Make Muse sounds really interesting and Maura sounds like an inspiring young lady! I'm going to check her out on insta right now! ❤


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