Back to basics- a small haul

Hello lovelies!

You know what I’ve realised?

Lately we’re lacking lifestyle content! I don’t have a defined niche but I’ve delved into a lot of deeper topics recently, so we’re going to balance it out. What better way to do that than with a good old haul? These are so much fun to both write and read. One of my personal favourites! 🙂

Being a minimalist, I don’t often.. or really ever, do hauls. I simply don’t need to. When I find gaps in what I need however or come across an item I love, I don’t hesitate. Minimalism is not about cutting down completely or being restrictive, it’s just about having room only for what you love. In this small haul, I’ve gotten down to basics.

Next week you can look forward to hearing about all my travels too.. lots of exciting things are coming up and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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Shopped at: Sportsgirl, Sheike, Seed and Tea2.


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First off, I got this beautiful lipstick from Sportsgirl. It’s matte and in the shade rosie. At first I wasn’t too sure about purchasing this as I tend to go for higher end brands when it comes to makeup. I just figure you’re putting it on your skin, wearing it constantly. It should be the best you can find. On the same token, it’s good to find budget friendly options that do the job just as well. This lipstick, for me, has proven to do that. I’ve worn it a few times already and am impressed by how easily it applied, how good it looked and best of all, how long it lasted. Check!

If you’re around a Sportsgirl, I’d recommend checking out their makeup range. It’s perfect for everyday.


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These next two items were from Sheike. How gorgeous are they? I’ve never really been a fan of casual pieces but fell in love with these because they’re just that little bit extra. The first is this gorgeous cream lightweight knit. The detail around the waist really makes it! Next is this silky black and white spotty blouse. It has puff sleeves and ruched sleeves. It sits just above your hips, making it perfect to wear with jeans. I like that these tops are simple enough that they can be easily mixed and matched. I see myself creating a lot of different outfits. Best of all, they’re so comfortable and fit perfectly with my neutral colour scheme.

This was my first time shopping at Sheike and I was pretty impressed. I’ll definitely make another trip sometime soon!


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Then, just a plain white oversized top from Seed Heritage, my go to brand. I find it’s common for many people to skimp on basics and just buy really cheap. You should actually be doing the opposite because your basics are the pieces that’ll go through the most wear and tear. They’re everyday staples, after all. Then there’s the most important factor- comfort. Seed is high quality and feels great on. I’ve been shopping here for years and never once been disappointed. I plan to wear this top with a double denim outfit and some cute jewellery.


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My last purchase was this beautiful cup from Tea2. It’s become a favourite of mine to start mornings slowly. To really take in those first moments after waking up and then enjoy the peace. Playing some calm music, smelling the lavender. I’ve loved making cups of coffee and then just sitting in bed, drinking. It makes sense that I’d get a pretty cup for it! Morning rituals are so important because they set the tone for your day. Especially during the week, through all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose sight of the little things. We need to be conscious of chaos and not allow ourselves to get caught up in it!

This was handmade in India. It’s a gorgeous neutral colour and I just love the gold!



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