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Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all happy and well xx

For today’s post, I wanted to chat a little about my top travel tips. It’s always exciting to go new places and just be on the move, but it can get stressful if you don’t work out the important things. Not to worry though, I’m here to help!

I’m going to be doing a lot of travelling in the upcoming weeks.. so very soon. A little three day trip a few hours from home, then to Bali for week in late August. As they say, you write to understand and to teach, so perhaps I’ll further my own knowledge in the process. This is all a bit surreal to me still, because I wouldn’t say I’ve travelled all that often up until now. Then again, this has been a year of absolutely epic proportions and some time away is just what I need.

It’s great to plan, but not to over plan to the point of taking all the fun out of your trip. Spontaneity makes life interesting! Sometimes you need a bit of unexpected.


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Make a moodboard.. right now!

While most people can get into the spirit of travelling easily, sometimes you need a bit of an extra push. Maybe it’s your first overseas trip or you’re not overly thrilled about your destination. Maybe your mind is on other things and you can’t relax. Or.. maybe you just don’t know what you’re missing out on.

My top tip is to head to Pinterest and make a moodboard for the place you’ll be visiting. You can do this online or take it offline by finding pictures, then printing them out. Create a collage and stick it somewhere around your room for instant inspiration! This was the first thing I did when I found out I was going overseas. I encouraged my brother to join me too, because he wasn’t so keen. By doing this, you’ll come across lots of lovely pictures and get ideas as to what to do once you’re on holiday. It’ll put you in a good mood and you can focus on fun for a while, casting aside everything else.


Ask around.

Social media is a great tool because it allows for connection where there might otherwise not be. It’s also a platform for sharing- moments, laughs, recommendations. Anything you can think of and might need. When I announced online that I was going to Bali, I ended up chatting with some friends and other people who had already been. This was a fun way to find out about the best places to go and activities to do. I wanted to find out what people my age enjoyed so I’d get a better picture of what I might like also. Then there’s the added benefit of finding out you share the exact same travel dates as your online best friend! Scarlett, if you’re reading this, I am so excited. Not only are we going to get to hang out, but our first meeting will be in a completely different place to what we’d imagined!

Scarlett and I have plans to travel the world together.. so I guess you can call this part one 😉


Look into getting a good camera.

If you haven’t already got a decent camera, this is a top tip for you. You’ll want to take lots of photos.. in high quality. Back in 2016 when I visited England, I took no photos, apart from selfies. I was 13, but looking back now I’m so disappointed. I missed out on capturing a lot of memories. Shortly after that was when I got properly into photography and wanted to buy a camera. Polaroids were the big trend at the time. They were cute and there was the whole instant gratification factor. Ironically, I just sold my polaroid camera today. I haven’t used it since January because it’s now seeming too amateur and always gave me mixed results, which was frustrating. The film is also ridiculously expensive!

Before my Bali trip in August, my dad and I plan to set up a camera we have, which I’ll use alongside my phone. I’ve got the iPhone 8 and have always found its’ camera to produce crisp, detailed photos, but at the same time I’ve wanted something more. I guess it’s also a matter of me wanting to get serious about photography. Having my own camera seemed a good way to do that.


Start packing early!

I cannot stress this enough.. you do not need the added pressure of having to pack last minute. Plus, this increases the likelihood of you forgetting something, which nobody wants. Figure out what luggage you’ll need. Find a suitable bag or suitcase. Take along extra bags for cosmetics, toiletries and the like. Find a safe, hidden compartment for important documents and money, or keep these on yourself if you prefer. If you need any specialty items such as snow gear, make a point of getting that together well in advance. Bring out anything in storage. If you know you won’t be using an item until you go away, then set it aside until you’re ready to add to it. Make both a packing and buying list on your phone or in a notepad. Just make sure it’s easily accessible. Lastly, make sure to double check that you’ve got everything, including locks for bags.

Make sure not to skimp on essentials when packing. Some things you’ll be wanting more of and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just don’t pack anything unnecessary or overdo it. Your focus should be on your trip and I find packing lighter helps greatly with that. There’s no fuss about outfits in the morning!

Manage your time.

If I’m being really honest, I’m not the most qualified to be talking about time management.. something that isn’t my strong suit. Usually though, when it counts, I can get myself into order and show up. Travelling is definitely one of these occasions. You don’t want to be doing any crazy sleep ins or staying at your hotel the whole time! Make a point of getting up early, planning your day and leaving for activities at a decent time. That way, you can spend a quiet night in and not feel like you’ve missed out on anything.


Get out of your comfort zone!

When travelling, it’s almost inevitable that at one point or another, you’ll have the opportunity to try something that’s new to you or that you’re not so keen on. A lot of us, however, are still stuck within our comfort zone. People who travel, I reckon, don’t experience this as much because they’ve gotten out of that box. They’ve broadened their minds. That’s an amazing thing! Once you open yourself up to adventure, considering saying yes, everything changes. You’re on the move because you wanted something more than everyday mundanity, so let it happen. You’ll thank yourself.


Go the non tourist route.

Don’t be a cliche! While there’s always the option of the tried routes, they are often packed with people. When visiting a new place, seek out alternative ways. Ask the locals what they like to do. My dad has some friends in Bali, so during our trip we’ll be visiting some of the less known places. You might not see them in as many photos, but often beautiful locations are hidden! You’ve got to search a bit. Also, try to avoid tour groups. Chances are you’ll just spend a lot of time travelling, but not really seeing anything. They can get super jam packed too!


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Hopefully this has helped you! Feel free to add your own tips down below. Travel season is so exciting!








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