Photo diary- Bulli + Thirroul

Hello lovelies!

I’ve decided to try a new layout with this travel post, just to mix it up a bit. Enjoy the read! Hope you’re all doing well πŸ™‚


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Sweet potato, fetta and pesto sandwich // Blueberry almond croissant

Breakfast on our last day at the cutest cafe in thirroul! we also had chai lattes. My latest obsession.. so good!

I felt like one of those foodie bloggers, haha. Posting pictures of my pretty breakfast and just starting my morning off slow.




Luca Luna, Thirroul xx

It’s safe to say I absolutely fell in love with this place.. I bought my ‘souvenirs’ from here!

A rose quartz facial roller, terrazo print vase and tassel keyring. All in the loveliest neutrals and pastel colours. Love, love, love.

It was essentially a florist shop that also sold homewares. They had really unique flowers though, so it wasn’t just your run of the mill. How nice is this dried floral display? I could’ve sat and admired it all day. It made for the most gorgeous shot!





Bulli Beach- Sunset watching and posing with the scenery

Countless hours spent walking pristine beaches, staring out into the ocean, feeling the waves wash over my feet. We’d soak up the sun, laughing and running on the sand, playing around. The sunsets were like something out of a painting- baby blues that graduated into pink, then orange, yellow and purple. These photos are so dreamy.. they give me the ultimate getaway vibes.





Sea Cliff Bridge, Illawarra.

These photos are of the Sea Cliff Bridge surrounds. Stunning, right? The bridge connects coastal villages Clifton and Coalcliff and spans three kilometres. Next to the bridge are cliffs. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip.. aature is just so perfectly imperfect. The water, aqua, crystal blue and navy. The rocks, patterned, eroded, shaped. Just amazing!






Bulli- a local cafe

This was our first breakfast spot. It was located a mere two minutes away from where we were staying. I decided to try something a little different that morning. I got banana bread with honey ricotta and fresh banana and strawberry… and of course, a chai latte. It had a dusting of cinnamon which gave it a little spice as well as sweetness.

The cafe itself was so aesthetic too. I loved the stained glass and little enclosed booths! It had a bit of a rustic/coastal vibe which was interesting.




Home for a few days..

The last two photos were taken directly outside our little holiday home, which was essentially a cute little attic room. It had a small downstairs and then one big room. It reminded me so much of the attics in England. It had that signature sloped roof, which took a bit of getting used to.. I hit my head a lot at first, haha.

The unique thing about this getaway was that we had a place directly opposite the house of the people we were renting from. They needed a way to make money on the side so decided to let people stay in the attic room since it was barely in use!

Outside was beautiful and sunny and there were so many flowers in bloom. The lavender smelt amazing and had a calming affect. There were some bees on the plants when I took these photos and although I was a little worried I’d get stung, I decided to risk it. I’m glad I did because the photos turned out beautifully!



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