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Hello lovelies!

Just being very real here- this post has been sitting in my drafts since January. I figure, now, over seven months later, I should finally get around to finishing it!


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Any kind of influencer work is exciting. Being scouted by a brand, being that perfect face. Working with companies and businesses, big or small, that align with your beliefs and ideals. Making a difference, sharing what you love, putting yourself out there. All of that is great.

This year marked the first time I personally was approached by brands who were interested in me promoting their products. In January, I teamed up with a new business, a scrunchie shop, who needed ambassadors.

Then, in May, I got my first big job- Caseapp was interested in me! I ended up designing my own personalised laptop and phone cases, provided you all with a discount code over on my instagram and even hosted a giveaway. I had the best time. All I had to do was take some good photos.. something I love! I ended up exploring different photography angles, experimenting with flatlays. I tried to get a bit creative and incorporate other little things into the shoot.

In early June, I got my third job. It didn’t quite go to plan but it was an incredible experience nonetheless. I worked with Make Muse, an online and print magazine resembling a journal or scrapbook. Think lifestyle content, upgraded.. then so much more. Content ranges from art pieces, poetry and picture diaries to feminism, politics, career and everything in between. That was my last job.

From where I began to where I am now, I’ve come a long way. At the start of the year I’d never done anything like this before, just seen others working with brands and been inspired. I don’t know everything, but I can give some tips!


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First off, work on growing your socials and create an engaged audience.

Very few people, very few bloggers, will be approached by brands in the early days when they’re still starting out. At that point, it’s all new, all fresh. Companies, when scouting, want to find somebody who stands out. They want to feel as if they know them personally. Someone with a fairly defined niche, a professional page, good content- that’s memorable. Most of all though, they want to know that your audience is engaged, liking and commenting, sharing. Being active. That’s what’s in it for them, after all. Working with brands is all about give and take. Free products, maybe some promotion for you, in exchange for your promotion of a product or service. Spend time growing your page, getting comfortable. Love what you’re doing. It shows.


Work only with brands you love. It’s not just about a job!

When you get an offer to work with a company, notice how you feel. If it’s something you’re into, something you’re truly passionate about, you’ll know it. This is your time, after all. Your effort. Why promote something if your mindset towards it is “Meh!” or “Maybe I could get into this?”

Money comes back and opportunities do too, but the same can not be said for time. Use it wisely and do what you love. Be genuine. If you like what you do, it won’t feel like work. The last thing you want is a ton of sponsored posts you couldn’t care less about cluttering up your feed! Explore within your own interests, your niche.


Produce high quality content and be consistent about it.

When people look at your content, they should be captivated, unable to click away. Really, they should. It’s entirely possible and in fact, it’s the goal. This is where loving what you do comes in. It’s absolutely vital that you spend time looking, exploring, being creative. Finding something that works for you will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Then, you need to plan, ask questions. What am I longing to make? What do my audience want to see? How can I cover all those things?

Make investments. Perhaps get a camera. Mix things up. Shy away from what no longer feels like you. Define you. Design your website, find a nice filter for your pictures. Create that about me page. Promote, promote, promote. Your content, online, is your complete representation. You’ve got absolute freedom to play around with it, so make sure you love what you see. Do that and success will surely follow 🙂






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