Beyond the comfort zone- why you should challenge yourself


Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get confident being uncertain. Don’t give up just because something is new, difficult or unexpected. Pushing through challenges, embracing change.. that’s where your growth resides!


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get out of your comfort zone and do something new today! ✨(@minna_so)


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Hello lovelies!


As many wise someone’s once said, life and all that comes with it, begins at the end of your comfort zone. While you’ve probably heard it many times before, this particular phrase will always hold truth. After all, how many times have you felt moved or gotten a taste of that sweet sense of achievement when doing something familiar?

There are many types of people, but if we were to categorise all into two groups, there are the risk takers and the non risk takers. Some people are fine to stay put. They are content to live within the bounds of relative normalcy. Perhaps little is going on, but the days are passing and the earth still spinning. It is an undisturbed, mundane existence. It is routine and predictable. This is the comfort zone.

Then, there are the risk takers. I think, really, it all comes down to the fact that people fear change. We are innately creatures that like routine and desire to make sense of things and how they work. Hey, that’s okay. That’s me too. When you really think about it though, imagine if nothing ever changed. No one grew out of anything, moved on. Just stayed stuck. Change leads us through all stages of growth in our lives. It incites it.

A really obvious example, to drive my point home- imagine staying one age forever, living the same year over and over again. It might’ve been an absolutely wonderful time for you where you smashed your personal goals and achieved so much, but it will no longer serve you in any way to repeat it. In fact, it will hinder your continual growth in other areas of your life, in another season of your being.

Excitement begins once you put aside what you know and seek the unknown. Seek a new reality. Mould it, create it, shape it. Hold your power in your hands and take control of who you are, what you’re meant to be and the path you take moving forward.

Life should coax you out of your comfort zone, not invite you in. Learn the difference. If you fear being wrong, remember this- It’s not failure we really fear, but the feelings we attach to it. Do not stay in your echo chamber. Echo chambers are all about staying safe when there’s a good chance you’re wrong about something or there’s a good chance of discomfort, but you will never learn anything more about life than what pings within the chamber walls.




4 thoughts on “Beyond the comfort zone- why you should challenge yourself

  1. Hi Maryam!
    Love all your posts; However, this topic is close to my heart!
    I’m committed to taking risks and never stay put in my comfort zone because it gets boring after a few days! I’m enjoying the journey and evolving, yet I’m guilty of unconsciously fall into the trap of comparing myself to others or trying to compete-instantaneously my creative juices tend to dry, massively hinder my growth and fall into doubt… Ugh! I hate it when I’m going through this phase! The very thing I refer to, as my calling- feels more like a burden and forced! Hence I have to keep reminding myself to take it at my pace and not to give way to negativity.

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    1. Hi Adeeba!

      Loved your comment. Your words are very true! While greater risks lie beyond our comfort zone, greater rewards to do. The very essence of development and progression lies in change. It’s a beautiful inevitability really 😊 here’s to being braver and more curious!

      Sending you lots of love. Thank you for reading!

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