Strawberry and Spinach – Green smoothie recipe

Hello lovelies!

Occasionally, when I’m feeling it, I like to whip up a quick, healthy treat. Today I thought I’d share with you my go to smoothie recipe. It’s a bit of a twist on the classic strawberry smoothie but honestly tastes incredible. I’m never disappointed!

I find that the green smoothies you buy from juice stores can often taste so foul.. I always wonder what they put in them to ruin the taste! The fix for that is to make your own. Quicker, cheaper and overall much more convenient.


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What you’ll need:

+ A stick mixer / juicer.

+ Glasses- as many as needed.

+ Chopping board.

+ Milk- normal or alternative.

+ Optional- Straws, preferably metal!

+ Optional- Ice. Great for warmer days!

+ A punnet of strawberries and a handful or two of spinach, dependant on taste preference. Do you want a sweeter smoothie? If so, add only a handful of spinach.



As I said before, this was quick and easy. I had my ingredients prepared and smoothie made in less than ten minutes!

First, you’ll want to get out your fruit and veggies. Make sure you’ve got a clean, uncluttered space to work with. This should be in a spot near to a powerpoint, so you can plug in your mixer.

Wash the spinach and strawberries. If you want, you can cut the strawberries in half. This makes them easier to blend and you’re less likely to end up with chunks.

Once your mixer is clean, put your ingredients in. Add a suitable amount of milk. I ended up with about a litre of smoothie. Very decent!

That’s it- blend until satisfied!

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