A Sunrise photoshoot at Turimetta Beach

Hello lovelies!


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A little while ago, I was offered an incredible opportunity. Instagram photographer Will Hunt and I did a sunrise photoshoot at the beautiful Turimetta Beach in Sydney’s North. It meant waking up just past four am in order to be at our location by quarter to six. A very early morning, but there was a certain liveliness to it all. It certainly felt like the most living I’d done in a while. To be up while the people, the stars, laid down in rest. There are little words for those moments of serenity. The hour long drive through bush and winding roads felt like freedom. The beach air was crisp and salty. Will was somewhat quiet but it was lovely to meet him and I’m so thankful for that morning we spent together.

We arrived about ten minutes to six. For a while everything was still blanketed in darkness, but I ended up with some lovely shots that looked a lot like they’d been taken during golden hour!

In another series of photos, still during dark, you could just make out the colours of the sunrise. Lovely soft purples and ocean blue.

The photoshoot took about an hour and a half. We walked the length of the beach and Will took photos around different locations, some of which surprised me. It was a reminder to me to be creative. Beauty is found even in the unexpected. This experience also taught me that modelling doesn’t have to feel fake. I love being behind the camera but also in front of it. Looking over my photos, I realised that Will had captured what felt like my most authentic self. I wasn’t forced to smile or pose in any way, which is why a lot of the photos have a raw, candid feel to them. I could almost feel the emotion coming off of them.


Enjoy xx


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