Minimalist, Scandinavian style room tour- December, 2019


Hello lovelies!

For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you my updated room tour!

Nothing much has changed in terms of furniture or my overall aesthetic, but I have finally reached a point where I’m completely happy with my space. A design choice I made this year was sticking to a clean, bright palette. I bought all white bedding for that fresh look. This was something I’d shied away from previously because I was worried about how I’d keep it clean, but a good wash does wonders. I spend most of my time at home either in my room or sleeping, so my aim was to create a cosy space with minimal effort. I ended up purchasing two beautiful throw cushions- one in a muted mustard and the other natural. All my bedding is from Urban Outfitters and Adairs. Both brands are such high quality. I find people tend to skimp on mattresses and bedding when they should really be investing. What is a good nights sleep worth to you? I used to be able to pull all nighters, but now you’ll find me taking afternoon naps!

All furniture, apart from my dresser, are from ikea. The small rug under my bed is also from Urban outfitters, as is my macrame wall hanging. A simple boho piece, but it just seems to tie everything together. I was heavily inspired by scandinavian design I found on pinterest- open, airy spaces that made the most of natural light. I absolutely love wood tones as well. For decoration, I like to keep a small selection of everyday jewellery pieces and pretty things I wear frequently. On my nightstand I’ve got a few lush products and my lavender essential oil, which I use to help me relax at night. That’s a top tip, by the way. Also pictured is my vanilla candle from glasshouse fragrances. An undeniable classic, but this scent has always been a favourite of mine.

On my desk I keep a favourite book by instagram poet atticus. Sometimes I’ll read a few pages before bed. A much better idea than spending unnecessary time on my phone. It’s curbing the small bad habits that make all the difference.

Finally, florals and plants!

I keep a gold framed botanical print on my desk. It has australian natives on it, which are my favourite flowers. It’s also in a mustard colour, so matches my cushion. For flowers, I received a bunch on my birthday which I then left to dry. Every now and then I’ll change up the flowers in my vase, which is one of the few updates I made to my room over the last few months. Lastly, my fan palm leaf. Since I first saw these appearing in rooms as decor, I’ve been obsessed. I love neutrals but also like incorporating bold elements into my design. It goes to show that colour isn’t the only way to make a statement. I’m just happy that I was able to find the perfect spot for my palm leaf. It looks just right behind my mirror as it fans out so much.

What’s your style like? Let me know down below in the comments!




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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


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