My goals and focus word for the New Year




Hello lovelies!

Seeing as we’re fast approaching the new year and the start of another decade, I thought I’d share with you my goals for the time coming. I also had a look at the goals I’ve aspired to in previous years and figured I should reflect on those too. Something new I’m starting is setting an intention and focus. A word or few words to act as a sort of guide and lead me through the next twelve months. I’m done being vague. There’s no better time than the present to get things done!

* This post was created as a follow up to my earlier post about the Happy Tribe Planathon, the online planning party hosted by happily hedy.

You’ll be allowed access to an exclusive Facebook group community where updates and other information will be posted. There will be professional keynote presenters, an email series, giveaways and an entire planning kit. It’s 100% free too!







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My 2019 goals + achievements:


→    Go fully vegan  × 

Veganism was greatly importantly to me and I’m happy to say I gave it a fair go. It’s very possible to get to a point where you are eating entirely plant based but for someone who already struggles with diet, it wasn’t the right fit for me. I’m learning to accept that.


→    Explore new food options  √

I’d say that I definitely expanded the range of food I’m willing to eat. Still not a fan of seafood or sushi and I don’t think I ever will be, but that’s beside the point. Haha!


→     Go to bed earlier  √ 

This was a big shift for me as I used to be an absolute night owl. Night time is still when I am most productive and in the right mindset to work, but rarely do I stay up till crazy hours. Last year I pulled more all nighters than I can count, but to do the same thing now sounds like torture. I’d be more than happy to pay for a good nights sleep!


→     Wake up at a reasonable time  × 

This has always been a big struggle for me. Even if I go to bed by 10pm, it’s unlikely I’ll be up and ready any earlier than 10:30 am. To many people this probably sounds crazy.. but- I have my fair share of early bird friends. I once had a sleepover with a friend who woke up at 5:30 in the morning! I’m guessing I just need to find a comfortable middle ground that’ll allow for a sleep in and for me to make the best of my day. 9:30 am maybe?


→      Make the most of my gym membership  ×

I ended up moving out of the area where I went to the gym, so wasn’t able to keep up with the membership. For a little while now though, I’ve been taking long walks each afternoon. It’s nice to be out and about in nature, just connecting with the elements. It’s a literal breath of fresh air from just being in the house!


→     Perfect my calligraphy  ×

Last year I spent a while experimenting with different creative mediums to see which resonated and would stick. I painted, drew, practiced lettering. It was good fun to try something different, but I don’t know if calligraphy is quite my thing.


→     Take better polaroid pictures  ×

Another change I made was selling my polaroid camera. I treated my instax as a sort of entrance level camera so I could indulge my photography habit while also deciding whether I wanted to pursue it seriously. This turned out to be a smart move. I now have a few professional cameras that I recently inherited and am working out how to use them.


→     Create a new signature  ×

Still on my list! I really want to create a new signature but don’t know where to start or where to go with it. I’ve had the same signature for a few years now but feel like I could do better with it. It just hasn’t particularly been a priority! I guess this is something I’d look at changing when I have more time on my hands and less competing to do’s.



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Overall, 2019 was an uprooting and yet transformative year. It was riddled with events and happenings too mysterious to make sense of. It was utterly heartbreaking and held some of my lowest points. It was also a time of beautiful discovery and redefinition. I was allowed a safe space to heal and progress in my personal life, which is beyond priceless. More than that though, I opened up again. At first, just a window, then suddenly I broke down doors. That’s when the light flooded in. That’s what the next part of this post will be- an ode to the good.

In January and into the coming months, I was privileged enough to work with some incredible brands, big and small. First, I was chosen as an ambassador for a scrunchie business, la luna, run by two lovely sisters. While they didn’t continue with the shop, it was great to be a part of something important. My two bigger projects came mid year when I collaborated with caseapp and make muse. 

Caseapp is a custom phone and laptop case brand that provides a wide range of accessories for different devices. I was able to design my own laptop skin and phone case using an image of my choice. Working with make muse was the absolute highlight for me though as I stand completely behind their mission. Being a voice for empowerment and creativity is what I strive to do. Through intelligent media for smart and creative young womxn, make muse does exactly this.

2019, ultimately, was my time to excel in my personal life and with my hobbies. I met my partner, who I’ve been with for almost a year. I redesigned infinitelyadaydreamer almost to the point of it being a blog relaunch. I became a staunch minimalist and culled to the point of no return- haven’t looked back since. I completely renovated my space to reflect design that was more cosy and refined. I made a few big moves- home and school wise as well as countless other big decisions. I entered a writing competition. I also branched out and tried something different.. a little bit of modelling. I did a sunrise photoshoot with a semi professional photographer at Turimetta Beach. The pictures turned out beautifully and I’m currently looking to get them framed!


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For 2020, my guiding word is Grace. To me, it encompasses a great many things I want for myself in the time to come. Alignment with my purpose, elevation through pursuing what is meant for me, the courage to embrace those things and ultimately, the grace to be allowed these opportunities and given a place to flourish. I want to speak humbly and be intentional in all that I do, say and believe.

My 2020 goals:


→  Begin driving lessons and get my learners

This is a definite priority for me. I feel in some areas of my life I’ve held off doing things that’ll benefit me because I was unsure about taking the first step. At one point I didn’t want to learn how to drive full stop, but now I’m choosing to look at driving as just another thing. It’s a learning curve but ultimately a very universal thing.. so many people drive. To get my learners I’ll only have to do a theory test, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

→  Seek external support

Stabilising my mental health has always proved a challenge as so much has happened. Some days I feel like I’ve just gotten back on the horse only to be thrown off again! For this reason, I want to start going to therapy again. Talking and being able to put things into words has always helped me. I also want to continue with taking the medication I need.

→  Find more like minded friends

Connection has been another struggle for me this year. I feel there’s a great divide between me and many others because life has taken us in such different directions. Ultimately, I just want to be able to relate to others on a less superficial level and deepen my relationships, current and future.

→  Start drinking green tea again.

Lately I’ve not been so good at staying hydrated, which is ironic because a year ago, you wouldn’t see me without a water bottle or cup of green tea! These were good daily habits that I’d developed and I’m keen to get back into that.

→  Grow my platforms and work with more brands.

To me, these are just two indicators of progress. There are many others which have nothing to do with feeling accomplished because of visible success, but this I something I aspire to on some level.


→  Be present.

In a world full of meaningless distractions, the greatest service we can do for ourselves and others is to be present in all we do. This year I’ve seen too much of the opposite. It’s so important to know what comes foremost and what can wait.

→ Start thinking about tafe courses for 2021 

It’s a long story, but life got in the way and I’m not exactly in the place I thought I’d be. Now I have an extra year to think about what I want to do school wise once I’m a senior. The traditional school system never really worked for me. I find myself to be a decently smart person but not necessarily in the way most people think of. I’d be looking to do either a full time course or two part time courses in photography and interior design. These two complement each other and this way I’ll be able to get in the hours I need to fulfil educational requirements.













10 thoughts on “My goals and focus word for the New Year

  1. Ahhhhh this post was amaze!!! Definitely have some of the same goals as u! Getting into a better sleeping routine, work with more brands and a couple more. I think 2020 is gonna be THE YEAR. Can’t wait!! The sunrise pictures are gorgeous, ur so beautiful 💕 enjoyed this post xx 💕💕


  2. I absolutely love this! It’s so interesting how people change their habits, and I think that it is really lovely that you kept track of all of yours. I really like your goals for this year, and I related a lot to many of them. Ily xx


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