My 2020 lifestyle mood board

Hello lovelies and Happy New Year!

Hope you’re all doing well and have had a wonderful Christmas. How good is the holiday season? Whether you’re out celebrating with delicious food and loved ones or at home recouping, there’s something for everyone. Today marks the beginning of a new decade, which is crazy to think about. How is it January already? We’re back at the start and going through the months all over again, just a year later.

A while back I posted a mood board and wanted to do an updated one as I thoroughly enjoyed the process and felt so inspired afterwards. This was also a post you enjoyed lots, so that works well for me.


Untitled design (1)


dreamy spreads


dreamy spreads (1).png


dreamy spreads (2).png


dreamy spreads (4).png


Untitled design (1)


Untitled design (2)


Untitled design (3).png




4 thoughts on “My 2020 lifestyle mood board

  1. This is so aesthetically pleasing, it looks exactly like my tumblr layout haha. Exactly the colour scheme and theme I go for! I love having a mooch on Pinterest and pinning everything into my different folders, is that sad? Haha xx


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