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Hello lovelies!

If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you’ll probably remember this post from mid last year – Q&A- blogging, lifestyle, creativity and everything else you’re curious about

Today’s post is essentially an updated version of that because I like to give you all the chance to find out more about me. I’ve been loving more relaxed content lately! Thank you to everybody who dropped a few questions over on my instagram.

Let’s get into it xx


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Blogging and social media //

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging has always seemed to work for me. There have of course been times I’ve had writers block but I was able to overcome that fairly quickly. When I write with passion and excitement to share on a topic, the words flow seemingly endlessly. I love having a space to myself to say what I please and hopefully make a difference or influence someone positively.

What is most rewarding about blogging?

The most rewarding part of blogging for me is the community you build. When I first started blogging almost six years ago, I never could’ve imagined how far I’d go in terms of making meaningful connections with others on this platform. This is why I like wordpress in particular and will always stick with it. Reader allows me to keep in touch with my favourite bloggers and have all their posts in the one place. I never miss anything!

What made you decide to start a blog?

It’s funny, but when I was ten, things sort of turned around for me. It was at this point that I started thinking about how I felt, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. This is something that actually hadn’t crossed my mind before. It was like everything had gotten real. I started searching online and came across other blogs. I was inspired by what they did and thought it would be a suitable, mature thing to do!

My blog at the time was called mspjordynjonesfashion.wordpress.com and a place where I talked about fashion. It was the furthest thing from mature, but that was my starting point, haha. Grateful for where I’ve been and where I’ll go as a result of it!

How do you edit your pictures?

I edit all my blog and instagram pictures over on VSCO, using the preset M5. Sometimes I’ll also use grain.  The easiest but most overlooked way to keep your pictures and feed looking consistent is to use the same editing technique. Occasionally I’ll also use face tune if I need to make more drastic changes.

Have you ever been made fun of/talked about because of blogging or instagram?

Not really. I’ve never experienced any hate or criticism towards what I do, which I’m grateful for. Most people know about my blog and instagram and I’m completely open to talking about what I do. Ultimately, it’s a process of being comfortable and proud of your work and what you share. This blog especially is a very raw and real representation of my life and experiences and I’m okay with others knowing about it. It’s a really good place to be in. Ultimately, those who want to talk negatively about us don’t matter all that much. They can do as they please.

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Travel and holidays //


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What’s your next travel spot?

I was extremely lucky to be able to travel interstate and overseas this year. In January I visited Melbourne and Victoria. In August I took a week long holiday to Bali, which you can read about here.

In December this year, around my birthday, I’m hoping to go to America. Fingers crossed for that! It’s been my dream destination for a while.

Do you prefer Christmas or Easter?

My mum’s side of the family are Christian so I celebrate both Islamic and Christian holidays. Christmas is my personal favourite.. I adore the festive season and being able to put up a tree each December!


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Organisation, reflection and creativity //

Which art medium do you like the most?

Photography is my favourite art medium with collage being a close second. Last year I experimented with painting, drawing and art journalling but found my muse in something else entirely. I used to have a polaroid camera, the instax mini 9, but then sold that in favour of something more professional. I recently inherited a couple of old cameras and am trying to learn my way around them and how they work. It’s an exciting process. I also need to buy new film. Most of them are from the 90’s or early 2000’s so at first I wasn’t sure they’d even work.

New years resolutions or goals for 2020?

What are your 2019 highlights?

I’ve actually written quite an in depth post highlighting some of my goals for this year and reflecting on the last year- you can read that here.

Favourite memory from this year?

My favourite memory from this year was probably watching fireworks from my rooftop as the clock ticked over to twelve. I didn’t feel like going to the city and didn’t want to support the fireworks with all that was going on, so just stayed home. It was a nice end to the decade though. I was with family and we were all wrapped under blankets, just watching for a good fifteen minutes.

A close second to this was getting an offer to do an instagram story takeover for a cause I’m passionate about. Watch out for that! You’ll be hearing more about this soon.

Who and what are your biggest inspirations?

You’re truly living when you take inspiration from not only the bigger things but the small too. I’m inspired by music, like runaway (U & I) by galantis. This song was a favourite of mine years back. It helped me through tough times and in a way pushed me to create my own change instead of sitting in silence. At the time I wasn’t happy with my circumstances. I’m inspired by different people and places and the power of words. This is why travel is so appealing to me. I want to be in many places at once, wandering and living nomadically for a while. I’m inspired by those who work to create change and say what they mean. I’m inspired by vulnerability and beautiful creation. By darkness and light, because we are created in equal parts.

Do you feel like the idea of new years goals/resolutions is overhyped?

I don’t mind new years resolutions or the idea of it. While it’s true that we don’t need a new year to start fresh, it’s still nice to have that clean slate and another twelve months ahead. Sometimes it’s important to be able to categorise and say “This is in the past and now I have this time to try again.” The way I see it, you should do what works for you.


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Career //

What do you want to do when you’re older?

I want to be happy. That’s my ultimate goal and what I consider my lead. Happiness to me is a career doing what I love, because then it won’t feel like work. I want to start my own interior design business because that way I’ll be able to combine my passions. I can photography, style and experiment with colour, texture and more. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to work with fellow creatives.

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Just for fun //

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’m a huge pasta lover.. and speaking of that, I’ve got a recipe post coming up. Very excited to share that with you all. Delicious!

What’s on your current spotify playlist?

Enjoy! I’m really liking alternative music at the moment.









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