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Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the New Year so far. I thought we’d kick it off with simple, helpful content. I’m excited to be showing you my current skincare routine and sharing tips for keeping yourself looking and feeling good!

For this post I wanted to do a little photoshoot too, so I ended up going to my grandma’s place in the Blue mountains. She has the most beautiful house filled with antiques and pretty bits and pieces. Enjoy!


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There are rules to everything in life and that definitely extends to what you put on your skin. The key is to develop a routine that ticks all your boxes but to not have it include twenty products or a mere two or three. For me, I wanted a cleanser and facial scrub to make up part of my basics. I use the creamy face scrub and cleanser from frank body which I absolutely love. They are based in Australia with stores and shipping to New Zealand and the US. They are also entirely cruelty free and caffeine based. I’ve never before used products that have caffeine in them but can confirm it’s great! Perfect for in the morning when you’re sleepy eyed and that puffiness hasn’t gone away. Proud to say I’m 70% coffee! Still need to drink more water though, haha. I discovered this wonderful brand in 2018 and have been repurchasing ever since. These are my cult beauty staples and they live up to the hype. Last time I repurchased I picked up a new product too. I’d never heard of it before but the frank body range never disappoints, so I thought i’d give it a go. The glow mask comes in the same size as their moisturiser, which works fine as it’s a twice a week product and not everyday. I figure you can have clear skin but as long as it’s dull and dry, you’re not done. Nourish your skin. I don’t mind splurging on skincare products because ultimately they’re an investment. Anything that contributes to your wellness is important. What you put in you get out, plus more. I’ve honestly never seen a brand with so many five stars reviews, which is another reason why I love frank body.

Another place I go to often for my skincare and beauty products is good old lush. In recent years, lots of people have become more conscious of their eco footprint and have started to pay attention to natural, clean skincare without all the additives and unnecessary ingredients. Others argue that these products don’t work, but I beg to differ- take the time and do your research. Try out different things and then make a judgement. From Lush I buy face masks, the cleansing balm ultrabland and the spot treatment, grease lightning. There are many steps to skincare and it can take a while to figure out what you like best, but it’s worth the effort. Something I’ve been more careful with is introducing new products into my routine and limiting how much I use others so my skin doesn’t become used to them and stop benefitting. The ultrabland cleansing cream is for days when I’m wearing makeup, especially in heavier layers. I use a makeup brush so I don’t dirty my face using fingers. It also helps to reach trickier areas of the face or those that are more delicate. I’ll usually keep it on five minutes- about half the time of a facemask- and then wet a washcloth with hot water. Ultrabland is made of almond oil and rose water, among other ingredients and feels downright luxurious. It also helps to balance out skin and stop breakouts from forming or getting larger. I was initially skeptical because I figured something oily, even if it was only on your face for a few minutes, would probably do the opposite! Then again, I’m also hesitant with moisturisers. Blocked pores and pimples are no fun. That’s essentially where grease lightning comes in. If my skin is looking lacklustre or less than perfect, I’ll usually coat my face in a thin layer of that and I’ll see improvement by the morning. If you’re carefully with how you apply the gel, it won’t make your face sticky. Grease lightning is made of tea tree oil, known for its’ antibacterial healing properties. That’s it- all products featured xx


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It also helps to:


  • Never sleep in makeup. I tried this once when I went to bed late the night before an early morning shoot. I had to wake up at four in the morning so figured I’d be too tired to reapply makeup and have it look half decent! Long story short, my skin didn’t appreciate it, I had to sleep with a towel over my pillow, my face felt all dirty and my makeup was smudged. Never again.


  • Wash your bedding and pillow cases at least once a week. As you sleep, oil and other nasties build up and eventually can affect your skin. Other than that, there’s nothing like the feel of fresh linen! I have white sheets and pillowcases so have to be extra mindful of this, especially if I’ve used hairspray or something else that could transfer onto fabric.


  • Use a facial roller, like this one from salt by hendrix. I got mine while on holiday and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. This tool, while only recently brought back into the skincare spotlight, has been part of Egyptian and other cultural beauty routines for centuries. It has a host of benefits and can really elevate the simple process of applying a cream, oil, face mask or scrub. Facial rollers comes in many different crystal options, including amethyst, jade and rose quartz, like mine. This stone promotes unconditional love and healing, which is great energy for the skin to absorb. A few minutes of simple massage- upward and downward strokes- can combat puffiness and water retention through stimulation of the lymphatic system. It encourages skin brightness and elasticity as well as minimising the prominence of fine lines.




  • Last but not least, monitor the temperature of your water while in the shower. When I’ve just gotten in, I like to shower with warm/hot water to warm up and open my pores. This way it’s a bit like a sauna in that you’re exposed to steam. I’ll use my frank body products or any cleansers, then turn down the temperature to cold water. This closes the pores again and helps you feel cleaner and more refreshed.









5 thoughts on “My everyday routine for clear, glowing skin

  1. ohhhh, i definitely have to check out Frank Body’s products now! they seem really great 😀 and i loved reading about your skincare routine! your pictures are beautiful, lovely post! 💕


  2. I use the frank lip balms as well as the lush lip scrubs and love them all, so I definitely think it’s about time I dive into their skin care – I hear nothing but great things from both!


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