Am I a true type four? Looking into my enneagram

Hello lovelies!


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I’m in the mood for a fun, lighthearted post so I thought we’d chat Enneagrams!

Apart from looking into my star sign, I don’t think too much or refer to my astrology charts for answers to everything.. although that could change!

Let’s have a look:




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I’d like to start off by saying I’m surprised at the accuracy of what is essentially just a personality test- rooted in science and psychology, yes, but all the same..


You are very self aware:

I’d say this is quite true of me. Combined with my penchant for overthinking and dwelling on matters that often aren’t so pleasant, it can be a recipe for disaster. On the plus side though, I’m highly introspective and value the time I’ve spent getting to know and understand myself, my motivations and my place in the world.

Your career/hobbies are creative:

Undoubtedly! I’m very artistically oriented and feel blessed to be able to explore so many beautiful creative mediums. I write, both posts on here and poetry in my journals, paint, photograph, collage and more. It’s amazing to me that I could potentially earn a living doing what I know and love. It’s never felt like work and I hope it never will.

You love to show your individuality:

Absolutely! I’ve never been one to want to blend in or walk the well travelled path. So far its’ served me well. I see being an individual as being someone is remembered. Often times I could be out and see someone speaking their mind, being brave and authentic. I could see someone with a really great sense of style. Most of the time I’m awed.

You can be self conscious and vulnerable:

I wouldn’t say I’m self conscious as such but I have been working at showing vulnerability to the right people in appropriate settings. I’ve found it to be a really good way to further relationships- it breaks down walls and deepens connections.

You are emotionally honest:

Emotional honesty is the ability to communicate feelings in a forward way while still remaining respectful. It is taking the time to feel what you will, no matter how uncomfortable- and to do so without masking anything. I learnt a long time ago that bottling up emotions and trauma only leads to feeling poisoned inside and so I promised myself I would never feel that way again. Life can be really hard, with massive curveballs that seem to upset even plans you didn’t know you had. I get that! I feel the best thing you can do is figure out a way to move through your pain, not move on from it.

You feel different to others:

There is such a negative connotation surrounding feelings of being different, but I’ve always thought of it as something positive. It isn’t necessary to be on the same wavelength as everybody else. As for me, I’ve always felt different and that’s because I know I am. Nothing inherently wrong with that!

You have a tendency for self pity and melancholy:

I’m described often as highly positive, which I don’t think is quite accurate.. I don’t wallow in misery, but I can get lost in a trap of overthinking and wondering how I can fix any issues I’m experiencing. That can be suffocating sometimes.. dwelling on it all. I just don’t see how leaving anything unresolved will help me.


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What’s your enneagram and do you think you fit within it? Have you taken any personality tests in the past?




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