My small March Wishlist



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Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my wishlist for this March. It’s a lot smaller than previous months because I’ve started to focus more on saving money and if I find too many things I want, I’ll make that all the more difficult!

1. Haley Ivers Adventure Presets

Haley is one of my absolute favourite influencers over on Instagram. She’s real, quirky, unapologetically herself and downright talented. When I heard she’d released her adventure presets, I was overjoyed. Think beautiful neutral tones, dimmed lighting, shadows. A beautiful, soft aesthetic. Also included is her black and white preset- I don’t do much of my photography work in monochrome, but it’s definitely something I’d like to explore.




2. All along you were blooming- poetry book

Morgan Harper Nichols and her words have carried me gracefully through many a hard day, which makes the thought of owning her book all the more appealing. Her work is based entirely on story submissions she receives from others, so essentially, her poetry is advice she’d like to give that person. What heart. What a beautiful way to serve and encourage others to propel themselves forward instead of staying stuck in their situation. Morgan Harper Nichols, singer, songwriter and illustrator.









Morgan Harper Nichols on Twitter


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