Hello lovely- I’m Maryam, the sixteen year old blogger behind infinitelyadaydreamer. My creative journey began in 2015 and ever since, infinitelyadaydreamer and I have been growing alongside each other.

I’ve always had a love for words. I’m passionate and driven when it comes to giving a voice to the things I believe in. Starting a blog allowed me a sacred space to share and brought me community.

Over the past few years, I’ve fostered my interest in design and all things creative. I have a particular fondness for photography, film and of course, writing. All of these are storytelling forms, which is something so important to me. I want my work to speak to others, my vision to be clear.

Other passions of mine are in intersectional feminism and minimalist living. As they say, change starts with you and then spreads. I am a feminist because I believe in an equal world. Harmony exists when we are all valued the same, despite our differences. When what could divide serves only to bring us closer together.

Infinitelyadaydreamer is a home for all my inner musings. I don’t have a specific niche, but I blog about lifestyle, beauty, art, wellness, minimalism, feminism and current affairs.

Thank you for having a look around. Happy reading!