Plant Tours with Maryam and Molly 💟


hello there!

Today’s post is a little different from usual- today, I’ll be taking you on a plant tour, along with my good friend Molly. 

Make sure to show her page some love- her post will be up shortly! 😊

And finally, here are some sneak peeks from her upcoming post before we get into mine!



I’m a complete cactus lover, which is why I’ve got four. The red one and the big cactus on the left were initially my brothers, but then he gave them to me. The other two were mine from the start, which is probably why they look a little healthier!

I’m also a big fan of cute pots and little dishes for my plants. I’m currently ordering a few cute ones from etsy, and I’ve got some trinket dishes from my last birthday. I explored a really cute store in the blue mountains and got a dream catcher key chain and two tiny dishes, one of which sits under my smallest cactus. These gold pots were pretty cheap purchases from IKEA, one of my favourite stores. All their products are amazing quality, affordable, minimalistic, and plain gorgeous.


The middle two plants are also from IKEA, and are succulents. Up until recently, I had no idea how to maintain these sort of plants as I’d take care of them well, and then they’d just fall apart? whaaaat?

As it turns out, they needed the sun as much as I do. Lesson learnt. Just yesterday, if you’ve been on my Instagram story lately, you’ll know that my plants and I spent the morning outside!

They’re still very new so pretty small, but it’s okay. All in good time. The colours of the plant on the right have changed a little from when I first bought it, which is interesting. It was more purpley before!

The pink pot holding the leafy plant is from IKEA, and the pot on the right is handmade, a purchase from etsy. Lately I’ve really been into supporting small businesses and people who make homemade crafts. It’s amazing!


Finally, I’ve got two bigger plants also in IKEA pots!

They’re both new, bought only the other day, although I had the exact same plant as the one on the left, but it had had its’ day and I figured it was time for another! This one looks much healthier and the leaves are even prettier than I remember them being 🍃

The plant on the right is a flowering plant. Two, actually, that I’ve combined together. I got both plants from bunnings, which have a great outdoor and fair indoor range. Both plants are sun plants, so I’ve made it my job to ensure they get enough light. My room isn’t very dark during the day, so that puts me at an advantage. 🌸


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I know it’s a bit late, but I didn’t want to rush the collaboration process! Do you have any plants at home? What sort are your favourite? let me know down below in the comments xo


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respecting and acknowledging divine timing

hold the in the promise. (1)


hello dreamers, and happy Friday/ Happy Holidays 🙂 How have you been lately? Let me know in the comments.


Today’s post is on an important, but simple [enough!] topic to grasp.

Have you heard of the phrase “all in good time” before? If you have, that’s my job half done.

That’s basically divine timing, nicely and neatly summed up, with a bow on top.

Allowing the universe to create things for us, and events to happen on terms other than our own. Not forcing anything, just going with the flow and keeping connected to ourselves and our beliefs.

Where you are is exactly where you need to be- and yes, this might seem like it makes no sense, especially when you’re at a point in your life that seems slow paced.

Like all of you, I have so many dreams and plans for myself. Some of the time, I can make it happen. Other times I can’t. And other times, I can, but the universe can’t. We’re going to personify the universe. Yes, we shall do that. 😉


all things manifest at the exact right time, in just the right way.  Everything that we encounter along the path to their fulfilment serves us in a beautiful and profound way – even if we must endure challenge and struggle in order to acquire the wisdom, and even if we cannot yet see it.


– r u l e s  o f  d i v i n e  t i m i n g –


+ master the art of patience: in this case, it’s very important to accept that greater forces of good are very much at play here. They may manifest in ways that we don’t understand, but will soon come to.

+ get comfortable with discomfort: along the way, and believe me, this is ALL part of the journey, things that you’re less than happy with may come to light, and you might actually have to deal with them. My advice? Basic life skills, honey! and, please, be resilient.


+ Detach from the outcome and release the pressure to overthink: you do not need all the answers, and things will become much clearer and easier to cope with/ overcome.


+ live in harmony: work in sync with your great plan and have that belief. Have that belief in yourself an your power to improve your life. Lead a life of flow, balance and grace. Step into the waters, but don’t drown yourself in them.


+ embrace faith, release doubt: One of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves is learn what motivates us to make the choices we do. Because every single choice we make contains the energy of either faith or fear – allowance or resistance- Jessi Kolhagen


+ Follow your intuition: trust your gut, and choose wisely the paths of your life. Be your own inner guidance, and find that beautiful, unique fulfilment. Seek your own inner truths, but do not be afraid to seek external sources of wisdom.


i believe in you.

Have a fantastic day full of sunshine, good food, magic, hugs, cute animals and comfort xx


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thanking our bodies:


covers (2).png

covers (4).png


covers (5).png


today, I’ve basically made it my job to help you with your care goals and myself also, because we can all do with a reminder every so often.

our bodies have been our homes since birth- our only homes. We’re always trying to find home within belongings, or people, but really, there is nothing in those things. That does not mean people aren’t great, that it isn’t good to have nice things. It simply means: there is NO roots more intimate than the roots of a mind and body that have united.

100% real talk there.

So, I’m back with some more affirmations/truths, I suppose, or in the very least, reasons why our bodies are pretty darn awesome.


+ your constant functioning is miraculous, and never ceases to amaze me.

+ I promise to love you, even when you do things I don’t like, or don’t understand.

+ you know what is best for me, and I love how you’ll fight for that, even if it means battling me.

+ you keep me in perfect health majority of the time, but sometimes you get sick. I will care for you, and we will fight this together.

+ thank you for a lifetime of laughing, chatting, breathing, talking, movement, feels, thoughts and much more. You’ve taught me the meaning of unconditional.

+ thank you for the way you allow me to experience joy, and heal both of us in the process.

+ thank you for renewal and second chances.

+ thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zones, and forever being present as I open myself up to the flow of good.

+ thank you for all the times we’ve been to the beach, feeling the sand between our feet and fingers, or felt the salt water in the air.

+ thank you for the time we climbed a mountain. You knew that my reasons for doing so weren’t the purest, and I nearly gave up half way, but I didn’t. You told me to keep going, and I changed my intentions. Thank you for the guidance.

+ thank you for giving me a beautiful mind and soul. I am truly proud of myself.

+ i love you.


we should align with the energy of gratitude when dealing with our health.

the most powerful approach to wellness includes an acknowledgement of our responsibility as well as an opening up to possibility. – martina


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Tell A Story Tag: A new kind of nomination

Hello lovely dreamers, and happy Friday!


Today, I was nominated by a lovely blogger, Clover, who, with her twin sister, runs the site Coastal Twins.

Most of these sort of posts that I do are award posts.. the most common seems to be the Liebster award.

It’s refreshing to do something new, and I hope you’ll enjoy this piece!



– Include the tag image in your post.

– Tell a one paragraph short story based on the theme your nominee gives you.

– Give one (only one!) theme for your tagged bloggers to write a story about.

– Tag 3 or more people.

– Let your nominees know you tagged them.

– Copy and paste rules.

– follow the rules x




Image result for serendipity

Image result for serendipity


fun fact:  It’s my favourite word! The theme Clover’s story was on was ‘Wanderlust’, which is her favourite word! 😂


Alexander Beck sat on the hard seat, back very straight, head in hands, cold, stone like.

It was visible to any passerby that he was fed up with the waiting game, but really, who wasn’t? He could tell he wasn’t gaining any sympathy.

The man next to him turned around and tapped him on the shoulder.

“I have a crisis on my hands here, if you’ll excuse me.”

He nodded and turned around.

Alexander stood up, and went to the staff counter. He, along with the rest of the passengers on his flight, had been stuck at some remote Australian Airport for the past six hours. “Look, there’s a family emergency, and uh, the least you could do is help me out a bit here. What the hell is wrong with the plane?”

“Sir, I’m very sorry but like I told you before, you need to sit down and wait. The crew are doing their very best to fix the plane. You shouldn’t be here for too much longer.”

“My daughter.. it’s her Birthday tomorrow, and she’s a cancer patient. I have to be there. I’m afraid she’ll go any day now.. she has all these tumours on her back. She’s a wonderful person, never complaining of the pain, no matter how unbearable it gets.”

“Sir.. I understand, and I assure you, I am so very sorry, but there isn’t a lot we can do. Would you like to be moved to a private room where you can rest?”

Making his way back to his seat, Alexander realised the man next to him was talking again. “What do you want now?” he asked tiredly. “Didn’t you hear what I said at the counter? my daughter has cancer. Just leave me be.”

“I don’t think your daughter has cancer. I’m a senior doctor at the Royal Australian Children’s Hospital, and I know Cancer when I hear it. She’s never had any pain?”

“I’m sure she does, she just doesn’t say. Anyway, why should I believe you? All you do is joke around.”

“When was she first diagnosed, and by who?”

“A year ago.  We were overseas, at a local hospital, and they found a cancerous tumour on her back.”

“Has it spread to other parts of the body?”


“Has she ever suffered a back injury?”

“Yes.. how did you know?”

“There’s a type of tumour that is known as benign. It isn’t  cancerous, and doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. They can be triggered by injuries to that particular area, amongst other reasons. They usually respond favourably to treatment. Because she was being treated for something it doesn’t appear she has, the tumour hasn’t gone yet. Does she ever complain of pain, after treatments?”

“Now that I think about it, yes, but only after treatments.”

“Your daughter has been misdiagnosed. Health care isn’t as good in some places overseas, and it’s likely the doctor you saw was inexperienced. Why don’t you bring your daughter and wife to the Children’s hospital, and I’ll see about getting you some proper treatment?”

“You say that it’s your daughter’s birthday tomorrow. Why don’t you call her and give her the news?”

“Oh god, I just, this is the perfect explanation. Nothing seemed to work, and she seemed to be okay when she wasn’t being treated. I don’t know what to say.. thank you.”

Ten minutes later, all the passengers boarded the plane again. Alexander didn’t see the man again, the man who had solved his greatest problem, and who didn’t so much as know his name.

As soon as he got back home, he bundled his daughter and wife into the car, and they went off to the hospital. As it turned out, the doctor had been right all along. He cried uncontrollably in the car, only just realising the true gravity of the situation. If the plane had kept going, he wouldn’t have ever known.


Alright, so I completely failed at keeping this story short. I know it’s like ten paragraphs long. 🙄


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🥛 a n d 🍯 ~ a book review


When it feels like I can’t breathe, let alone talk, let alone cry, let alone feel, I turn to poetry. To speak in languages that mean more than the words you see, that mean more to me.

It really did feel like I was holding someone’s heart in my hands, feeling it beat in rhythm with my own. There’s something so intimate about poetry. To me, it’s a combination of every time I’ve said “I’m okay” until I really was, and every time I lost a battle, only to come out again, fighting; always. Other times, it’s explaining the world, being new enough not to know. My world.

Milk and honey is one of the beautiful books I’ve ever read.


Lowercase lettering, black cover, its’ aesthetic is perfect. It only gets better.


My heart woke me

crying last night

how can i help i begged

write the book

it said

Sometimes, our hearts know best.



These are the four parts to the book. They’re so deep. Some of the poems are plainer than others, don’t feel like poetry, more words. But words are poetry, and poetry is words, and who am I to say?

I wish life was like this. Clean, and certain. Like after a certain chapter, there will be the moving on. Lately, my life feels like once chapter with no foreseeable end.


Some of the poems felt like they were written for me.. so powerful. They reminded me why I love words. Yes, they’re used every day, and sometimes they’re ugly, but they can heal too. They’re the extraordinary amongst the crushing usual.


and these say so much



What speaks to you? What makes you feel the most alive? What is that thing? It’s not certain nor is it known. But what is certain; known, is this: never let that thing go. Never let it slip through your grasp.


I bought milk and honey because they second I saw it, I knew it resonated with me, and I’m at a stage in my life where I need that very much. If you look at this book, and feel the same way, I’d suggest you get yourself a copy. It is so lovely that it deserves only the most willing of readers.

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the lowdown on coconut oil: all natural and actually properly GOOD FOR YOU.


Surprise: It’s not just for eating.

Health? check.

Cosmetics? Damn right!

Supplement? No kidding!

Healing? yup!


Coconut oil actually does it all. I am a huge fan.

We always have coconut oil in the house. ALWAYS.

It’s literally the solution to everything, the magic cure, and you can buy it at your local supermarket, or Aldi, for about six bucks, which is, and don’t give me the jazz hands girl, worth it.

You’re welcome!

So, this is basically just a coconut oil life hack post. Enjoy.


Cosmetic use: make up remover. Gentle on soft facial skin (!!) yay. Helps acne. Helps prevent it? why? you tell me. haha, no just kidding. This oil is antibacterial, and doesn’t clog pores like many other types. Dull, dry, dead hair? short eyelashes? patchy eyebrows? BRING IT ON OUT FOLKS. RESTORES SOFTNESS, SHINE, HEALTH, AND PROMOTES GROWTH 😊


Health use: Antibacterial.. but you already know that. Helps reduce dry skin and inflammation, and can fight bacterial infections. You can even use it to brush your teeth! I’ve tried it. It also helps diseases, like dementia, and can fix low or high blood pressure.

Supplement use: Eating a spoonful, or four, of coconut oil assists with weight loss, improves digestion, improves memory and concentration, naturally whitens teeth and many other lovely benefits.


So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!

I know I will..


Take note: I won’t be posting this Friday as it’s Good Friday, a public holiday. However, I will be posting again next Monday!


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