abortion- pro life, pro choice and the uncomfortable in between.

      Sometimes I wonder, does society hate our women? In light of the recent laws that have been passed in America and the international outrage it has garnered, I feel compelled to say something. New laws state that after 8 weeks, getting an abortion is an offence punishable by jail time, as is [...]

the entrance.

            Hello lovelies! Above are photos from when I went to The Entrance last holidays. The Entrance is your average small coastal town. It's kind of on the outskirts. At night, it's quiet and peaceful. I remember long walks down the road, blocks of restaurants and cafes beside me. Most [...]

terminal illness.

hello lovelies.   From personal experience, I've realised that "normal" people are most uncomfortable talking about death and the possibility of it. I know I am, despite the fact that I am resoundably abnormal. I guess most everybody is. Although for me, it's not my own mortality that I find concerning, but other people's- especially [...]