abortion- pro life, pro choice and the uncomfortable in between.

      Sometimes I wonder, does society hate our women? In light of the recent laws that have been passed in America and the international outrage it has garnered, I feel compelled to say something. New laws state that after 8 weeks, getting an abortion is an offence punishable by jail time, as is miscarriage. There are no exceptions for cases of rape or … Continue reading abortion- pro life, pro choice and the uncomfortable in between.

ramadan and eating disorders.

  Me.. and my complicated relationship with religion. I’d like to start off by saying that I, of course, having nothing against Islam or other faiths. In fact, I think it’s beautiful. It’s something that many people feel they can dedicate themselves to entirely. It’s hope, love, salvation.. liberation. Maybe that’s where I went wrong. Personally, I have felt held back, unheard, marginalised, silenced. I … Continue reading ramadan and eating disorders.

terminal illness.

hello lovelies.   From personal experience, I’ve realised that “normal” people are most uncomfortable talking about death and the possibility of it. I know I am, despite the fact that I am resoundably abnormal. I guess most everybody is. Although for me, it’s not my own mortality that I find concerning, but other people’s- especially if they’re a loved one. The real love stories though, … Continue reading terminal illness.