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Wow, Maryam. 

It only took you a whole damn year to post this (not really but pretty much). How slack have I been? Gosh, my apologies you lot! This is much awaited, but it’ll be good. Today I’m going to inspire you to embrace your natural bodily functions with an um, INSPIRING video.

Trust me, whether you can relate or not, this one is a barrel of laughs.

(To watch, not experience.. 😂) Enjoy x

One part blood, two parts tissues, three parts crud and twenty parts issues.

Can I die yet?




Give me an ‘S’, give me a ‘U’, okay, alright. Hello Sunshine blogger award..🌞🔥

Deary me.

Lily, I think you’ve set me on fire.

Image result for gif im burning

I have one question for you: Does the ‘stop, drop and roll’ method do any justice to a rapidly burning smol bean?

Science says yes but my gut says no.

Now, before you go saying anything you’ll regret, please note down the following facts on the anatomy of me, myself and I:

There’s a part of my brain wired specifically to *entertain* others.

And by entertain, I mean, leave one wondering where the fluffing heck lost time goes, cause soz, no reimbursements.

You just gotta listen. 

It took guts to admit that.

That means I’m gutsy.

Gutsiness is a trademark feature of moi.

Do you get what I did there?

Related image

I’ll *pretend* I didn’t hear you say that.

(aka. will use against you when needed most. aka. when i spy with my little eye an oh so delicious something)

You’ve been warned *thunder feel the thunder, lightnin’ and the THUNDERRRR*


okay, okay. i *may* have gotten a small itsy little bitsy carried away there.

I guess I should thank you, dear Lily.

You’ve set me on non-literal utterly positively lit fire.

This is my *gasp* second *gasp* award of the week.

I am honoured, and think you’re pretty damn good yourself, ya know. Just puttin’ that out there in the big wide world, cause everyone should know.

*Just sayyying*


e l s e

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You know where to go: https://lilyxoxoh.wordpress.com

honesty y’all. 🤥🤥

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*Premium hot chocolate* SLURPING NOISES FILL AIR

*tries desperately not to roast nobody or make burnin jokes cause that ain’t funny* 


  • 1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  • 2. Answer the 11 questions they’ve given you.
  • 3. Nominate 11 people
  • 4. Give 11 questions for the people you nominated


My heart is truly blessed 💞

1. Favourite song? 

I am afraid that I literally cannot answer this question without well, not answering the question. And uh, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


I love all of Julia Micheals’ songs at the moment yet I’m sort of having a reunion with Ed Sheeran songs. You know, in the sense that they would play non-stop until I took a hiatus (fancy vocab, yup yup.) and got addicted to new songs etc ect, until I got hit by a wave of srsly overpowering  Ed Sheeran song nostalgia. The fuzzy painful type.

But then again, there’s always Melanie Martinez.. and a couple of hundred others.

 2.What movie could you watch over and over again and not get tired of?

I don’t even need to think about that! Massive YASS to questions where I don’t have to dig into the depths of my unfortunate persona. YASS.

One word: *three* ‘The Little Prince.’

Potentially the best, most thought evoking movie I’ve ever watched. The story revolves around a little girl living in a seriously adult world, devoid of all childish fun and lightness. She is the victim of a heinous crime: theft of childhood. Thief? Dear old mum. Dad is as good as dead. But then she meets somebody.. somebody who changes her life for the better and shows her what it means to truly live.

3. Dream Job?

My  Dream job is to be an industrial designer. This has been my answer for a long time now and it simply hasn’t changed because life goals! I’m a very creative minded person and design is something I really enjoy. If I can take my passion and work magic, then that I’ll do!

Image result for build gif

   4. Do you want kids? 

Well, damn honey, that’s a fluffing scary question. 👶

Definitely, yes. Maybe two girls and a boy, or just a boy and a girl? That’s for a later decision though! I remember this time when I was younger and my mum was talking about how painful childbirth is (she’s right buuuut) and I was like, nope. I just won’t have kids.. But of course, I caved in!

*yeah that’s me.. elaborates way too much for comfort*

5. What are some baby names you like/might use? No specifics as of yet, but I want my offspring to be uniquely named. I want them to stand out and you know, they say names resonate. Nothing weird, of course, but just a beautiful, strong name.

6. Favourite year of school? Favourite year of school… I’d say this year (8), to be honest. I’m content with myself and my achievements and am just in a good place right now. Everything is going well and I’m going to hold onto that for as long as possible. *wink wink*

7.  Any bad experiences in school? 

Unfortunately, yes. I’ve had bad experiences all through school with bullying, too much homework *chorus of yawns* and just encounters with the wrong people. I tend to, for whatever reason, gravitate towards the more troubled kids. It’s an unconscious sort of habit and it has not served me well in any case!

*Blood, sweat and tears have been shed*

8. Favourite band/singer?

*chucks hands up in defeat* must I?

Surely, Lily, you would know that this is torturous. I can’t, I just C A N N O T.

  Fine, I’ll stop avoiding the question. Uhhh, maybe the Chainsmokers? OF MANY. OF MANy ok

9. Ever done something illegal?

Oh god. It’s like you already know. *guilty face*


Just kidding.. maybe. I definitely have some dating/relationship regrets and uh, dark web encounters. I was really into that sort of stuff last year actually. I downloaded something called a Tor (onion) browser which was basically a little portal into that damned world of utter darkness. On there I found a range of disturbing materials, and once, in a moment of complete and utter shock, sent something illegal to somebody.

there you go, all ma juicy secrets *cries self to sleep*

10. Dating anyone at the moment or have your eye on someone? 😉

Yes, I’m dating somebody at the moment. What can I say, I’m a lucky girl.. and so is she. 💗🏳️‍🌈

*waits for you guys to get it*

I’ve struggled somewhat to come to terms with my sexuality, but of all relationships, this feels right when nothing else has. I’ve made a promise to myself, this time, that I can love whoever I want, no matter the gender.


Now who shall I nominate?

1. Universe Of The Unspoken

2. Ups and Downs

3. Just a Blank Space

4. All I know is Grace

5. Brooke Jade

6. Tales from the Thrift Shop

7. Free Perspectives

8. crystalsandcurls

9. toomuchofabooknerd

10. meganvlow

11. EnniMorgan

PS. Getting these questions up has been more painful than I care to admit.

  1. If you had to make a time capsule, what would you put in it and when would you decide to open it?

2. What is your favourite thing about yourself?

3. When you get old, what kind of stories can you imagine telling your future generations?

4. You have one word to describe yourself. What would it be?

5. What weird food combinations do you enjoy? (Mmm.. peanut butter and nutella cheese flavoured crackers.. not as gross as it sounds).

6. What social stigma does society need to let go of?

7. Any favourite emojis?

8. What “old person” things do you do? If any..

9. Imagine if you had suddenly discovered that one of your *fictional* or real, up to you, siblings had been cloned. What would you do?

10. What’s your cure for hiccups?

11. Name one thing about you that makes you unique. Other than DNA!

That’s all folks..!

As usual, your choice completely, but these posts are super fun to do so.. just saying (;


The Leibster Award 🤦💟 You’re about to be swept up into a rainbow mover and dumped in the wonderful world of me.

                                                                                       crap, there’s a fly. scared me.

Related image

I am having one of ‘those’ moments.

I have just sat down and now I need the toilet.

why just why
no, i mislead you three *there* not three goddamned typos go to hell

No, I’m having a relatable blogger moment (of which there are many).

 I am trying to find the words to say a  heartfelt thank you to Kiya @  flawedsilence.wordpress.com, but all  that’s coming out of my brain is dead cells and BS. It’s a damn good thing that sleep is a thing or I wouldn’t bother trying *hyperventilates*

     Literally all of you at the moment: Procrastination is the thief of time. 🙄 +  please get some help 

Related image


(i am so *not* sorry for lobsters being the only thing you think of when/if you get this award..)

cackles evilly cause that’s just what I’m like

Jks (aside), but srsly.

Kiya is an absolute slayyer & deserves every single bit of recognition she can get, and that’s why I am kindly asking you all to check out her website and (please do) bombard her with likes and comments and just be all fangirly.

You’re welcome!


Image result for tumblr dividers floral

    • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
    • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
    • Give them 11 questions to answer.


Dreams really do come true. Bring the questions on! 🎆


  1. What is one word in another language that you adore? I love the Dutch word ‘Voorpret’. It just seems to roll of my tongue and actually sounds beautiful! Plus, the definition is the bomb.

(n) pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before a party or event takes place.

2. If you could select one landmark I don’t know if that’s the right word for it, but I mean like literally any building, or house or garden you’ve stumbled across and thought ooh if only I lived near it and move it to your town, which one would it be? What a hard question to answer! This world is so full of beauty that it makes it near impossible to choose, but for now I’ll settle with one of those little old city terrace houses. You know, with the ornate details and pastel colours and flowerbeds + ivy coloured windows.

That will definitely be my dream home when I get older! Flashy isn’t always best.

3. If you could play any instrument, which would you choose? I would choose to play the Harp. It’s such a grand instrument and isn’t *extremely* common either, so win-win

4. What fictional book, movie, tv show world that we become helplessly addicted to do you want to be apart of? Oooh, an easy one! Haha. At the moment, I’m sort of binge watching Pretty Little Liars, and it seems like quite a cool world to be in (even though I’m only up to Season 1, Episode 9/10?) with all the mystery and twists and turns.

5. What’s your favourite flower? Oh, definitely roses! They’re common, yes, but they’re still so delicate and gorgeous. I’d love to have a rose garden when I grow up. I’d fill it with a diverse range of coloured roses, at least the ones I know of- Yellow, yellow and pink, and yes, red roses.

6. Would you choose immortality? I think, at first glance, most answers to this question would be yes- but then you think. To be immortal, to never die.. Is that really what you would want? I mean, nobody wants to think of dying, and it is a blessing that it will one day come as a sick surprise instead of something hanging over our heads like a bad smells.. For one, you’d see everyone else leave, and die, and hurt and love and cry. You’d witness it all. And you’d still age- you wouldn’t die, just age.. and at some point, you’ll just want it to stop. You’ll want to block it all out. And those scary things that you hear about, the ones that people say you don’t have to worry about because you’ll die long before? Well, that doesn’t exactly apply, does it? Live a long and happy life, or never ever let go? Immortality probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

7. If you were to leave a legacy behind, what would yours be? aside from being a kick ass blogger.  

I would want my legacy to be built up on something small I did for as many people as possible, hopefully something that could carry on and be of service to as many as possible. I would want to be remembered for something like a skill I taught somebody or assistance of some sort.

8. Current song obsession..

Ahh, probably Julia Micheals. She’s fairly new and not exactly huge in the music industry, but she’s going big places. Her music is really mature and focuses on both sides of relationships, which I think is integral. Nothing is black and white. A close second to Julia would probably be Amy Shark, who’s got a very unique musical sense that I quite appreciate.

9. Something you should never try is… WASABI PEAS. Trust me, I learnt this the wrong way!

10. What is your dream car? Oh, fun! Probably a Lamborghini. That’s what I’d consider a really sporty/ sexy sort of car. There we go, I’m objectifying an inanimate object again xD


11. Who are the people you look up to in the blogging world? Cause come on, let’s spread some love!

Literally, what I can say?!- everybody. Blogging is such a journey- you choose what to share and you build up an image based on what you are and aren’t proud of and you shape yourself into this new person, and sometimes you just fall back into old ways or stay the safe. Maybe you try and fit into a box that’s just too small to hold each beautiful part of you, and it takes courage, you know, to know you’re enough and to get those words out and just embrace everything you are.




Now, for my nominations!

Step forward..

*rounds of applause!


1. Ilsa @ A whisper of Ink

2. Cait @ paperfury

3. Elsie LMC

4. Kris @ lemon-notes

5. Mona @ preppy_pink_piglet

6. BeautyBeyondBones

7. emzynelson

8. hell0chloe

9. Absolutely Olivia

10. May @ Forever And Everly

11.  ItsSimplyMeJasmine

*trumpet sounds xD*

This (totally not) stalker-like Sassy Pants wants to know..

  1. What was the last lie you told?

      2. How tall are you and how tall do you wish you were?

3. What is the best compliment you’ve ever recieved?

4. What is one movement you are really passionate about? 

5. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for 50,000 dollars?

6. If you could swap bodies with someone for a week, who would it be/why?

7. Name two weird quirks about yourself.

8. If you could pick up the phone and change the future through a past                        conversation, would you?

9. What is love to YOU? 

10. Describe the scariest moment of your life so far.

11. Name the first thing you see when you look straight ahead.

And these awesome questions have come to an end *cries*

If you’ve been nominated, congratulations! I like your website a lot and I think you’ve got real talent.

If you don’t want to participate, that’s perfectly fine, but I would love it if you could. Looking forward to all your answers! x


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Beautiful People: August 2017 Edition! (:

Welcome back you beautiful people you!

Today I’ll be answering some questions on a character from the novel I’m currently reading (The Flywheel). This is a blog meme hosted by:

Sky @ http://www.furtherupfurtherin.net and Cait @ http://paperfury.com/


This will be my first time doing this challenge, and I’m pretty excited to get to know my characters better, and to be able to share this with all of you. If you’re interested in joining, please do, it’s never too late. For more information, visit the websites above, and let’s get into this post!


      But first, just so you're on the same page..
"Seventeen-year-old Delilah's crazy life is about to get crazier. 
Ever since her father took of overseas, she's been struggling to run the family's cafe without him AND survive High School.
But, after a misjudged crush on one of the cool girls, Del has become the school punchline. 
With all that's on her plate, she barely has time for her favourite distraction- spying on the beautiful Rosa, who dances flamenco at the tapas bar across the road.

All this leaves Del grappling with some seriously curly questions. Is it okay to break the law to help a friend? How can a girl tell another girl she likes her without it
ending in humiliation and heartbreak?
And-the big one- is it ever truly possible to dance in public without falling over? 

Image result for the flywheel tumblr



  1. What are they addicted to/can’t live without? 
  2. Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.
  3. Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?
  4. If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?
  5. What most frustrates them about the world they live in?
  6. How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?
  7. How many shoes do they own, and what kind?
  8. Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?
  9. Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?
  10. What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?


     Answers.. 😏

1- Delilah is head over heels in love with Rosa, the impossibly gorgeous flamenco dancer from the bar  across the road. She can’t live without her, but she hasn’t yet mustered up the courage to admit her feelings, so settles with just watching her dance from across the street.

2- Positive- Feisty, brave and a real fixer upper.

Negative- Doesn’t always admit it when she needs help, ignores her feelings, puts things off until she finds herself in real trouble.

3- Yes, Del is running the family cafe while her father is off holidaying in god knows where. Del lies to him and he believes her when she says that she is just fine and running the cafe on weekends. However, this is not the case as Del had fired the ex manager of the cafe earlier. When she is told that the Flywheel has no money left, less than none, in fact, she holds off closing it down immediately, even when she is warned to do so immediately or lose her flat too.

4- Probably a five. Delilah is messy, but in a ‘I couldn’t take care of myself if you paid me let alone a damn cafe but I’ll try anyway sort of way’ haha!

5- Del is most frustrated by the way the cafe is going in terms of business as well as the imminent closure and lack of  business. Her parents, most specifically her mother, who,  in a moment of middle aged passion (TOTALLY NOT MY WORDS) ran off with another man and started getting it up ETC ETC. *AHEM TMI* excuse me kids (;

6- Del doesn’t really do fancy, at all. Ever. Not even when she goes on a sort-of but not really date to the Tapas bar where the impossibly gorgeous Rosa works. She just wishes she did! (Fat load of good that does, but who am I to judge? ;D)

7- How many shoes does Del own? *Thinks and thinks and thinks*

*10 minutes later* That wasn’t REALLY talked about, so I’m assuming sneakers and, well, school shoes again. No expectations and you can’t be dissapointed!

8- Del has no pets, and that’s a damn good thing because she’d probably kill them               accidentally.

(She’s a good girl but how much responsibility can one person handle!? I can definitely see her as a dog person though.)

9- Del resents her mother as she left her and her father by themselves for most of her childhood while she was off having fun with another man but then came back and tried to act all motherly as if she still played a role in their lives.

10- There wasn’t much on Del’s home life in the book, let alone what’s in her fridge, but at the cafe they made lots of sandwiches so yep. *realises how weird this sounds*

Yeah, lots of bread and fillings.. and oh oh! Pizza, lots and lots of that yummy goodness. Wine too, cause there’s nothing better than being drunk off your head.


Related image

And that’s it! This is longer than what I usual post, I guess. Do you like it better or do you prefer shorter posts? Comment down below, and thanks for reading x

10 things that make me happy..

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Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and are enjoying your Saturday (lucky, lucky you!) or Sunday.. *cough cough last day of freedom* :p

Random fact, but my pencil case actually reads “I wish there was an extra day between Saturday and Sunday”. Mhm, yes. YES YES YES. Long weekends are the bomb.

Anyway, let’s get right into this post!


1. News books!

Come on, you’ve got to admit, it’s an exciting prospect. It’s not uncommon to find me going through books like my mum would tea (read; synonyms; in bulk, overdose, way too many, complete and utter addiction) You got it.. you got it!

2. Airports..

I’m already embarrassed about how weird this sounds. *Blushes* I’ve just always liked being there. The whole buzz of being trip bound or at least in the presence of those who are is more than a little exciting. What can I say? This is not a recent thing, but still thrills me to this day. (Guess where I went this morning?) hehe.

3. Fancy dining and aesthetic food can’t be beaten. 

One word: Thatextremelygoodfatteninglookingthingoverthere.

Yaass please. (Come on, you can relate)

4. When I have a really perfect day that pretty much stays on repeat and is my every waking and breathing moment.

Whooosh. What a mouthful!

Did that make any sense to you? These days are the best thing. Comment down below if you’ve ever experienced something like this.

5. Finding the perfect song, and just going “Uh, why have I only JUST HEARD THIS?!”

I’m feeling this song right now. It’s got really good vibes to it, and it’s just chill. Unlike a lot of other crap that’s out there now, this is music. It’s just sweet, nothing crude.



6. Blogging and sharing everything that’s important to me

Honestly, ever since I started blogging three years ago, I’ve grown as a person. It’s so nice to be able to talk freely about what I’m passionate about and to just embrace my talents. It’s a priceless feeling and made even better when I know people want to listen, so thank you so much to each and every one of you who is taking the time to read this. I love you all so much!

7. When I do something really well. Write a really deep poem, or something that’s guaranteed to get me an A. 

No matter what it is, and this goes for anyone, success is amazing when you use it to keep growing in a healthy, happy way.

8. Crying. Why the heck is this making the happy list? 

In a weird way, it makes me happy. The whole acknowledging that my feelings are valid, whether they are ‘good or bad’ emotions is freeing. Sometimes a good cry lets you get all the sad out so you can reappear stronger than ever, and that’s a beautiful thing.

9. Visiting hip suburbs and being a part of their culture for even just a little while..

Yesterday, I did exactly this! I went to an inner city area with my mum and brother and we bought too many sweets, books (I should do a haul!) and crystals. Sometimes even the simplest of things are worth so much.

10. Waking up early..

It’s got its’ benefits! My Dad just came back from a week long holiday to Bali so I had to get up super early and rush to the airport, which wasn’t what I wanted to do at the moment, but there’s just so much time in the day when you get up early. It feels like it should be night already, even though it’s barely past morning.


So, did you all enjoy this post? I hope you did, and are thinking about what makes YOU happy. Whatever it is, feel free to comment down below and start implementing it in your life. (:






Art is the words that never left my heart and your mind. Art is the silence that followed. 👀

It’s not something I’ve really thought about until yesterday in a particular Visual Arts lesson. We were doing theory instead of practical (glazing ceramic food!) because we only had a single period instead of the preferred double.

I was like, “Okay, this is going to suck. Wait, maybe not..?”

It went something like this:

Teacher: Okay class, what is art and who is an artist?

Class: Art is painting and drawing, and um, artists!

Me: Art comes from within and is driven by the emotions we connect to it. *Rambles on a bit more*

(GOOD GOD, if only I had that sort of knowledge when it comes to taking Maths tests!)

Teacher: Yes, that’s a fantastic point! I agree with you. *New slide on PowerPoint*

Teacher: *Lets us read new scenario on board* What do we all think this person is?

Class: Artist, obviously.

Teacher: *New slide* What do we think now?

Class: WHAT NO 


Teacher: And so the debate begins! Artist or Baker.. *New slide*

Teacher: This artist is called Miralda and his work is called ‘Coloured bread.’ Very unique name, aye?


Teacher: *Smiles to self* Debate is on! Bakers and artists separate. (And at this point, everybody moved over to the Baker side so the teacher had to get some people to change spots xD)

My group: Okay everybody, read your arguments.

Me: *reads*

Everybody: *woah* Okay, you speak.

And I did. Almost got a standing ovation too! I just get so passionate sometimes and talk and talk. I super super wish my talent extended to all subjects though. 

And so, the big question: What is Art? 💡

Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it? Art is individual, but to me, Art means..//

“You are Art, I am Art. Why is this not art? There are creators and then there is creation. Art is like humaity. It possesses many qualities and can elicit different responses from each and every one of us. If all we ever do is stare at the surface, we’ll never see beyond. Art is waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise. Art is smiling at that person on the street, or laughing at that joke that wasn’t even funny. Art is infinite and beautiful in ways you could never imagine. One day you’ll wake up and go “I am an artist”, and you’ll probably surprise yourself, but deep down you’ll know. Ordinary is extraordinary. You dared to live and looks what you became- a beautiful masterpiece of your own working, flowers blooming from your very soul. Flawed but never silenced.

Art does not die. It cannot be ordered. It is unruly, not like the atoms that make up your very being.

How amazing, to live so fearlessly.







What makes the news: Today I’ll be looking at ‘Girlfriend.com’ and well, plain old ‘MSN’.

Hello beautiful people,

Today, I have a bit of a different post for you. I’m going to visit the two sites listed above and sort of compare- why do they post the content there, and how does it affect us- a community, a world?

These are the questions I’ve asked myself today, and I’m getting answers.

1. MSN 

Okay, half of the news here is pretty general. The usual rambling about politics, celebrity goss and a few funny articles. From what I can tell, (and have read online) what seems to make the news is the articles that are current and not days/months/years old, but with exceptions. The article on ‘What killed Princess Di’ for example, is big right now, due to the documentary on her life having come out. She was lovely, and very famous. Boxes ticked, ticked, ticked. This is not recent, but there are lots of theories, and by the looks of it, an understanding has been reached. What else? Significance and proximity- A story that affects a substantial amount of people has a better chance of coverage as does a ‘local’ story, as per se. Also, prominence. Famous people are famous for a reason- others want to know about their lives, they want to meet them, they want autographs, and why exactly is this so? Well, think about it. They’ve been impressed once, they’re just coming back for more. While I wouldn’t consider everything online to be ‘news’, there really is something to suit each interest. Not everybody wants to hear about Donald Trump, and his latest mis(adventures).

Some of the more interesting articles I found.. there’s something for everyone!

I say interesting but what I really mean is kinda crazy. Lady, your ‘chocolate challenge’ is many things including stupid and undeniably racist. Yup, yup. 

And this.. eek, you guys, he’s just a damn person. And no, I don’t believe that he’s the hottest person ever, cause just no.

And this, OF ALL THINGS THAT COULD’VE MADE TEEN NEWS! I can’t even. The media is seriously getting inside our heads and just plain dumbing us down.

In conclusion: This must be a bug issue, or we wouldn’t be learning about media techniques in school. That is in the syllabus now apparently, for Year 8 anyway. There is a helluva lot to learn, so what can I say? Good on me for making a start 😂


Recent reads + THUG (a book review)

Hey all!

I’m back with yet another post and this time I’ll be showing you some of the books I’ve been reading lately. I am an avid reader and it’s no chore for me, which pretty much means I go through books just like that, but I understand not everybody is the same. If you do happen to need a good read though, look no further than.. ❣

The Hate U Give (THUG)- A review on one of the most moving debuts of our time:

‘The hate you give little infants fucks everybody’

Starr Carter is a sixteen year old black girl in a white persons world. Her father, ‘Big Mav’ is a former drug dealer and gang member, and her mother Lisa, whose sole happiness comes from the protection of her family, is growing tired and wants something better.

When Starr is witness to the brutal shooting of her unarmed best friend Khalil Harris at the hands of a police officer, number one fifteen, her world begins to crumble, and she is taken to a dark place in her past. This is not the first time she has lost a friend to a hate crime..

Feeling more lost and out of place than ever, Starr struggles to hold onto the things that kept her sane- namely her friends and boyfriend Chris, but continues to return to the unspoken division between her.. and them.

When Starr is called upon to make a statement before a Grand Jury, she experiences the firsthand the prejudice that is still faced by many people of colour today, while also discovering horrifying details from that fateful night.

THUG is a moving novel from author Angie Thomas, exploring the theme of karma- what you give comes back to you, and more.