A word if I may: let’s discuss marriage equality and non conformism. ☪️ 🏳️‍🌈✝️

Islam and Christianity.. the world’s two most followed religions, and surely, for good reason. The most accepted forms of truth, but not without flaw. Sometimes you need to question what you’ve been taught.

The sarcasm is strong with this one

^^ Now, this beautiful little thing above you is pretty much states all the reasons under the sun for hating on the LGBTQ community. Think about it. It looks stupid and sarcastic, but there are people who think like this. If I had a dollar for every time someone answered ‘It’s unnatural’ when asked on their views of those this, I’d be richer than Kim K. Anyway, I’m here for change. 

And also because I refuse to stay voiceless on what is potentially the most argument worthy cause of our times. And the most secret.. it makes me wonder, actually. Nobody shares their votes, especially not on a topic like marriage equality. What do we think will happen? Are we scared of judgement or do want to disagree? A secret vote is the best way to do that.

A bit about me. I believe in Islam, but I find that as a whole, there isn’t acceptance for anything that is considered different OR abnormal. At all. And I wonder about this too? Where do our values come in? Where do we stop and think about what a vote like this could mean for the inclusion of minority groups?

Therefore, I don’t agree with all parts of my religion. I question certain beliefs and take my own stand on them. I am no longer afraid, but I stand tall and proud. Proud to be Islamic, a follower of an Abrahamic religion but also a member of a minority group within. I do not have extreme views on this matter, but I know where, for me, the true sin lays- in how we choose to accept others sexuality. Or show unacceptance, to be frank. Yes, there a places where death is the price you pay to be yourself. And the shame.. some people would rather DIE than be themselves. What does that say about us as a society, as a world? 

Religious freedom plays a big role in our lives- through politics, the way we view the world and the choices we make. If we’re told to stay quiet, we’ll never open our mouths and ears to new possibilities.

If I could vote, I’d say yes because I believe love doesn’t discriminate. It is one of the purest emotions and it doesn’t know complications- gender does not and never has come into it. It’s just us. Over time we kept outdated beliefs and that’s why the stand today. They are easy and we don’t like change.

It’s okay, world. Guess who else hates change? Me. But this is the positive sort. This is what we need.

We’ve all seen the ways we fail at being brothers and sisters to each other. (And I don’t mean this in a literal sibling way!)- We don’t support each other or have the person’s back. We’re in it for ourselves and would rather turn our noses up in disgust if it means with fit in with the norm.

Enough, please. 


Over the past couple of days, I have been really getting into the whole pride spirit. I’m under 18 which means no vote for me, but there are others way to make a difference. I was proud to see others doing their part too, and happy to find out that people I know have voted yes. 😊 I also heard a couple of beautiful songs surrounding same sex relationships and the vote, one of those being ‘Same love’ by Macklemore. It was a rap style song, but very beautiful and the words were deep. I also liked how it was based on his own experiences and his ability to make something out of the pain. It was released in 2013 and due to the upcoming election, fell into first place on music charts once more. Now, it is to be sung at the NRL Grand finals, and I’ve no doubt it’ll attract hate but it warms my heart completely that there are people who will fight for their own and others’ truths. The chorus was by a woman, Mary Lambert, who sings ‘She keeps me warm.’ and does an incredibly moving job, If I might say so myself. There is a full version of the song along with a clip, and it might just become my favourite song. It was just perfect. It wasn’t an overly sexualised and there was no kissing for shock value. It was a perfect depiction of love between two people.

At the end of the day, it’s all the same love.

Think of it as human rights.



#MyRoadToWellness: Tagged? Participate for motivation to shine, inside and out and enjoy life!

Related image

Hello chicklets! 

I sure hope you’ve got your party pants on, children, because Kimberly Clark sure does!

She has just astounded the blogging world with her fantasticness and now this- she’s released a tag!

*cue confetti pls*


October is more that just a “month” to me anymore. Starting from October 4th, it will be my 1 year anniversary of my Road to Wellness (RTW). Even though I have lived for a while (I’m not stating that I’m old, but I am looking forward to my senior years), it was only my body that lived, not my soul. I didn’t truly enjoy life just because. On my 1 year anniversary, it will be the day when I was on my Road to Wellness, when I started to eventually love my life.

Sounds beautiful aye? Well, all praise to the creator! Let’s go, shall we? xx




1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the #MyRTW questions
3. Nominate five other bloggers to participate or leave it open for all! 💗

(I’ll also share Kimberly’s answers below)


What is one thing you are proud of yourself?

What is your favourite thing right now?

Where is the place you can most easily find inner peace? 

What motivates you?

Answers (K)

I guess… that I am appreciative. After last year, I really found out that I am such a lucky girl who has so many people who love her. Honestly, I used to take things for granted, but now, I’m like *yo thanks* 🙂 *I ❤ you all*

School!!! for now. I don’t like the amount of anxiety that comes with it, but it is such a privilege to be able to walk though the lobby door (please refer to Ans. 1)

My rooooooooom. It’s like this safe haven for me. So many laughter, tears, anger, anxiety happened in there, but at the end of the day, it’s the safest place I feel.

Quotes and taking pretty notes.


(Oooh, Kimberly’s notes.. you’re c u t e)


Answers (M) or me, if you couldn’t tell 😂😂

I am proud of the self growth I’ve experienced through the past years. This is very painful self growth, no doubt, but I have evolved and when I look at myself, I can see clearly- it is me.

My favourite thing right now is day trips out. I recently went to Kiama and had a lovely day out. I ended up filming a video too, which you can check out here. Honestly, I’d say it’s doing wonders for my health!

My favourite place for inner peace is definitely outdoors, probably at the beach. Of course, away from the crowds. Towards more secluded, peaceful parts.

I find my motivation in knowing that something greater is to come, whether it be in a day or ten years time. There is a reason and a purpose for everything. Always.



It’s already the end of this post! Wow. Anyway, I feel that as this tag is still pretty new, anybody who wants to do it is most welcome to participate. Drop me a comment down below if you’re going to give this a try and I’ll make sure to check your post out //

and now I should sleep. It’s late. Oops. 😂💤




Kikki.K and OhDeer: Improving your stationery game forever!

She- I have a doctor_s appointment today but I really don_t want to go… -He- Just call in sick then (1)

A joke a day keeps you young. Laughing keeps you young. This is a lame one but yeah. It’s a joke. 😂

Before we get started, infinitelyadaydreamer has been undergoing some big changes! I’ve fixed up my website design to better reflect my personality (no better way to do that than with cacti 😍) and changed my sign off while also adding new dividers. I’m looking to make my intros more creative too. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them down below.




Okay, so your girl may have gone a bit overboard and bought the whole store. So what though! SO what!!! Right?! 

Yeah, no.

Usual day for me, I was just out shopping when I happened to come across the lovely Kikki.K store.. I was always sort of vaguely, I don’t know, shocked at the simplicity and cleanliness of the store. It is completely WHITE, LIKE, FALLEN SNOW. (How poetic do I sound right now?!) and is just nice. Typo, which is basically a rival since it is right next it, is well, less scary. It is just weird and quirky and yeah, like me.

Basically, in case your eyes are failing you, I got a pug pen (#dogdays), a roll of patterned paper, which was on the sale rack for a dollar or so, which I personally think is a great steal. IT IS AN EXPENSIVE STORE. Then, some cat and pug bookmarks, one of which I’ll use for my school diary, two journally sort of things (except one is a sentence per day book and the other is a planner) and last of all, a little glass jar with hearts inside. I had this cool idea that I’d read something good inside each one or get my family to help me with it and then when somebody was sad or need help, they could go to the jar.


Image result for google images wow gif



Mm.. so! Thoughts on the post anybody? Would you splurge on fancy stationery or is it a no go? What are your favourite stores and are you a cat or dog fan?

#teamcattyanddoggyforever! 💁














‘Where Dandelions Grow’: A book review!

-Where Dandelions Grow-

 Happy Monday everybody!

Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful book, and I’m oh-so excited 😄 Let’s get started!


download (3)

Now that you know what’s happening, I’ll share a little story about my, what would you call it, reading journey? That’ll do 😂😂 It took me a couple of weeks to finish this book overall. Not because I’m a sloooooooow reader but because I’m a busy bee. I don’t know why, but I had this clever idea to print out the book. So yeah. That was just great. I didn’t want to stand at the printer, constantly ordering papers so I went to have a bath while the pages printed, and trust me, that was a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad EXPERIENCE. When I finally got back to the printer a good half hour later, there was like, a billion pages sitting there, and they weren’t in order at all! It was absolutely horrid. I freaked. Now I’m wishing I’d just sat at my laptop and read the book (which I did for the first and last parts of the story) the whole duration because then I wouldn’t have had that clever idea and spent 1+ hours putting the various pages into order. Le sigh. 

Image result for you talk too much gif

omg i just came across this gif and it was the bomb except it seemed a little r rated so #pointmade 🤦😭

Anyway, I think this was meant to be a book review, which means that you probably want to hear my thoughts. Anyway, thanks again to the lovely Lydia! It’s been so much fun getting to know you a bit better and read some of your work x

The plot (-.png

Fresh out of school, Destiny longs for the familiarity of Swallow Ridge, the place of her birth, dreams and everything that shaped her as a person- most importantly, her four cousins. They weren’t just family, but friends by choice.

Desperate to overcome the challenges that drove her loved ones apart, Destiny embarks on a journey that will ultimately lead to her embracing her dreams with the help of something- or someone- greater.


What I liked-

  • The writing, to me, seemed very personal. It was like I could hear your thoughts as you transferred them to the page and that created something really human. I could almost picture myself as one of the characters.


  • The plot was unique and well, reliable. I don’t quite know how to explain that, but in my head, it works just fine. Yaaaaaaaay.


  •  It was clear that Where Dandelions Grow was written with love and care. I like how inspiration was taken from the writers own experience as I believe that’s where authenticity is born.


  • And Noveltea.. where do I start?! Throughout the book, I had such a clear mental picture of what everything would look like suppose Swallow Ridge was a real place.. and it was delightful!


  • Lots of great life lessons. This book is jam packed with inspiration, and I really like that. Books with actual messages are great.

What I disliked

Honestly, there is NOT a whole lot I disliked about the book. If I was the author, I definitely would’ve changed a few things, but it was overall, not a bad read.

  • This is a Christian book.. when I first heard this, I definitely envisioned it to be somewhat different. I guess I expected more religious themes, not that I was bothered by this. In fact, I prefer it this way. I just feel that the links were somewhat random and unclear and did take away from the overall message of the story. Destiny taking ‘the high road’ and trusting in Jesus to carry some of the burden she had laid on her from a young age.


  • I honestly didn’t feel like this was a book I could sit and just keep reading. Don’t get me wrong, it was light hearted and witty and a good read for an afternoon in, but just not my piece of cake- significantly different to what I usually enjoy, and by no means bad, but I felt that, I don’t know, I didn’t give it justice. This book needs to be read by someone who will cry happy tears over it and well, sit and eat pastries. But I did get hungry.. mm, what I wouldn’t do for one of Mrs Reed’s pastries!


  • Last of all.. the writing felt disjointed and was at times, hard to understand. I’d read one part and then there was the next part and I was like ‘what?!”- If that wasn’t such a regular occurrence, I think I would’ve enjoyed the book more. I get where the author was going but think this is something that needed more reviewing and a more succinct way of explanation.

Maryam @

I think, overall, Where Dandelions Grow, will be really well received by the public. I just feel that while the writing felt cosy, it was, to a degree, unsatisfying and left me with too many questions. I mean, if the book was a series, there would be a lot to talk about. There is promise for future stories and the author’s development as a creative and I have high hopes for what is to come and would love to read more books in the future.













An interview with Lydia Howe: Everything you need to know plus more!

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Hey all! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interview the fantastic Lydia Howe on her debut novel, Where Dandelions Grow, and here are her answers. I can’t wait to see where she’ll go next in her journey as a writer and wish her the best of luck with her book. Such exciting times! 😊

You can find links to the book below**

1. Were there any specific events that prompted you to start working on ‘Where Dandelions Grow’ and if so, tell us about it!
My cousins and I were really close growing up, and when we started hitting milestones – such as high school graduations – I realized life was going to be changing a lot. I wanted to celebrate/commemorate our bond somehow, and a book seemed like the perfect way. 
2. Any quirky writerly habits we should know about? 
Quirky writer describes me quite well. For some odd reason I pretty much have to have something in my mouth in order to concentrate while writing. (As I type this I have my headphone cord in my mouth – a habit I do not recommend.) I have a feeling this is why bygone generations always chewed on pencils while being author-ly. I’m also a rather active writer which means I don’t do much writing in public. This past week I was working in front of my sister and she later described me this way: “Lydia makes weird noises as she flies with her arms while sitting at the table all day.” And, that pretty much sums up what I look like…. 
3.For you, what is the best part of being a writer? Was it a dream you’ve always had or is it something you just woke up thinking about one day?
I joke that the best part about writing is getting to listen to music as I work. But, in reality my real favorite part is the privilege of sharing my thoughts, stories, and ideas with others. 
Being a writer is a dream I’ve had ever since I was a little girl and listened to my oldest sister tell amazing stories to me. 
4. Through the process of publishing and releasing your novel, and I’m sure, many other fantastic achievements, how would you say you’ve evolved creatively and as a person?
One of the big things I’ve discovered is that although I’m a creative person, continuing on with creativity as I grow up has most assuredly been a choice. Therefore, I’ve learned that I can’t take creativity for granted – instead I have to work to be creative and immerse myself in a creative environment each day. 
As for evolving as a person… Reading and writing a lot has helped me realize what things in life and relationships really bother me. So, I make it a point to try and notdevelop those habits and tendencies that aren’t productive and worthwhile, and instead work on developing traits that will make my life more helpful to those around me. 
5. Can you share some stories about people you’ve met while working on Where Dandelions Grow?
I had a great editor for Where Dandelions Grow. We actually ended up working together during a really hard time for me. I had Lyme disease for seven years and moved at a really slow pace and was often unreliable due to being too sick to meet deadlines. Having a patient editor who encouraged me to keep going, but not worry about what I couldn’t do, was incredible. My editor ended up not only helping me with the book, but also with keeping the correct perspective throughout my sickness. 
6. Give us a run through on your day to day working life- do you dedicate specific days to writing/ forming ideas or is it just based on what you’re feeling up to at that moment?
I don’t have any normal days right now. 🙂 I work part time for my family’s business (which is, thankfully, quite flexible), part time at a coffee shop (which is tons of fun), and part time on writing. That means each day looks quite different. I do try and set specific week or month goals for what I want to accomplish on the writing front, but even that sometimes changes partway through the month. 
7. Any golden nuggets of wisdom you have to share? Teach me something!
If you have a goal/dream worth pursuing, then go for it! Make sure you have a big enough “why” and then make a plan and hit it hard. 
8. What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?
Oh goodness. I’m really not qualified to even venture a guess on that one. Mostly, I’m just so thankful for the publishing industry so that we can have new books! 
9. Can you name an early experience when you realised language had power?
When I was eight and read a “big” chapter book for the first time (it was probably 250 pages). The book literally changed my mindset and habits as a little girl, and I decided if a story could have that big of an impact on me, then I should become an author, too. 
    Just some fun ones now!
10. What is the strangest name someone has ever introduced themselves as to you?
I don’t specifically recall…. I do have a habit of giving strange nicknames to friends though (and then introducing them to others using that nickname). The strangest nickname I’ve probably ever come up with is “Female Human of the Shrock Family Number Six.” 
11. Describe a time where something you can’t explain happened to you.
Hmmm… My brain is drawing a blank on this one…. 
12. Are you still learning who you are? Imagine you were somebody else. What is one word they’d use to describe you?
Ah yes, I think I’ll always be learning about who I am, because I’m constiantly changing and growing. My biggest desire is to grow to be more like Jesus, and that’s something I’ll always have to work on. 
One word to describe me? Probably unique
13. And last one! What’s your heritage and how do you include parts of it in your life?
I had the huge privilege and blessing of growing up in a big (ten kids) family, and we had a stay-at-home mom and were homeschooled. So, my immediate family heritage includes a lot of working together, being taught to work towards our dreams, family time, and exploring the world together. 
My more extended heritage includes German and Irish ancestry, and some relatives that (according to legend) came over on the Mayflower. I’d be delighted to visit Ireland some day.  
And that’s it. Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you 🙂 
Thank you for having me! 

About the author:

Lydia Howe (aka Aidyl Ewoh) is a twenty-something adventurous author who is partial to hiking in the mountains of Asia and South America, building life-size models of dinosaurs, taking road trips across Europe, visiting friends in Africa, growing up in a barn and everything in-between. She currently works in a coffee shop during the day and concocts stories by night. Find her online at her  BlogYoutubeFacebook,TwitterGoodreadsInstagram, and Google+ 

Want to grab a copy for yourself now? Great! Head to:

 Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35969327-where-dandelions-grow?from_search=true 

Millennial Pink Chocolate Now Exists And We Cannot Even

Omg omgggg another repost here we go! This is just awesome. Two words: cannot wait.

Chocolate hasn’t had many ~huge~ discoveries, not since white chocolate which was like 80 years ago…

Now, some very clever guys in Sweden have just introduced the fourth wonder of the chocolate world, Ruby chocolate.

“Ruby chocolate gets its reddish-pink hue from the Ruby cocoa bean and has a faint, but naturally-occurring taste that is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”, says the chocolate company Barry-Callebaut who invented the blend in a press release.



There’s more good news, Diaz confirmed to Reuters that there is no colouring, berries or flavouring added to the new type of chocolate.

While there’s no official word on when this will be available to buy, the company hinted that it should be available worldwide soon.

This article originally appeared on InStyle

If I ever write a book+ a whole lot of unfortunate bookish mishaps best left unheard 🤦

If I ever write a book, I’ll have to pay my family and author and illustrator and the whole damn team extra.. you know, to compensate for all the weird scenarios that’ll somehow pour out onto the paper and will probably scar them for life. And the mountainous pile of drafts that will somehow materialise out of godknowswhere

**What an ugly sentence to start with !!

Sometimes it’s like my brain NEVER actually stops. 

I just googled ‘Do brains ever shut down’ and apparently it’s not something that normal humans ask because I still don’t fully know the answer and frustration!!!

Now is a great time for some yoga breathing, I guess.

**or not? maybe I should actually write something relevant to the title.. just maybe (;**

I know, I know, I am so totally on task. I can hear you all mentally applauding me for my efforts and it’s the best sound ever. 🤗

So yep, back to what I was saying. If you ever feel the need to just mind dump and cleverly disguise under the title of book, that’s good. That’s great! That’s fabulous! But sometimes you will find yourself in that horrible state of frustration where the doubt section of your mind is like, completely on overdrive and all you feel like doing is curling into a little writerly ball of stressed out particles. There there, you little part of the universe.

You’ll be okay. (says everybody ever and just shush 😂😂)

Image result for disney gif this is going to be a long day

And you know what happens then? On plops the cherry to your figurative cake!

I never said I made sense. You’re just meant to relate anyway. yeah, that IS how it is.

You like, have this idea. A c0mplete and utter lightbulb moment and you’re just pumped up and full of adrenaline and dopamine and all that good stuff and then your brain malfunctions. Does this sound familiar?

error: brain has shut down. give energy drink, coffee, sugar or the lot to power up again.


Image result for disney gif girl you have work to do

Odd spot #102927727272: I’m loving the Disney gifs today.

Yeah no.

Tick those mental boxes people! Do you suffer from one or more of these common conditions? I bet you do.

a) procrastination (gets in too late. Does not rush to get things done even though there is need for rushing and then rushes when rushing is really needed) /precrastination (gets in too early. Rushes to get things done even though there is no rush.)

Odd spot #102927727273: Procrastinators are more  original thinkers. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN 😁

b) temporarily loses access to mind memory and gets super triggered because it is not at all like losing your keys and is just worse, period. It is more like losing your keys but you need to get to work then you find your keys and then you car breaks down and your boss wants to meet for lunch to discuss your promotion but then you’re stuffed.

Haha, no Maryam.

That’s more like losing your memories and then recalling them and then losing them again except you had this really good idea that could change the world and make a giant positive mark on everything. How many good ideas and game changers have we lost to this beast?!

c) Weird moments when you have this line or thought that is just perfect but then it turns out somebody just like, knew that you had big plans and just got in ahead of you and then you just have to sit and cry into your cereal bowl at breakfast and even then mummy can’t save you.

So, it’s as easy as A. B, C. 123, abc, 123. Overcoming those mishaps. *we want answers, we want answers, we want answers* yes, start a chant  🤣🤣


I feel like that’s such a preschool song.

Image result for disney gif dog abc

To sum it up, prepare for writerly, b00kish failures.

It’s an inevitability of life. The sun will rise and the sun will set. Just like that, it will happen.

Yes, prepare to fail. Not because you’re no good, but because you will do better.

Know that you will get up, dust your pretty self off and face the world with extra skills as a better procrastinator, owner of countless awesome ideas and they’ll even be original.

We all hope, as people, to get things right that first time around, but that’s where we grow! We grow during the intervals and the quiet moments and the petty tragedies- we grow and we bloom until we are no longer a weed, but a flower. Such is the life of a creative. Always surprising.